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Silver Jew


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Just a question , how far south can you catch Silver Jew as I had a interesting debate with a bloke at one of the local boat ramps in the Bribie Passage, who clams they are a common catch in the passage as far as I know you only catch mulloway around here, could he be mistaking what we used to call soapies which are just juvenile mulloway as Silver Jew.

Cheers martin

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That's exactly what I tried to tell them, their is going to be some surprised people at the ramp next time fisheries pays a visit, as this bloke was telling people their not mulloway but Silver Jew which their is no bag or size limit on now.

One couple was quiet pleased to hear this as they had put one back the day before just under 75cm. At least the one they showed me today that they had caught was 75+.

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They might be getting confused with the tropical 'little jew' which are very much like river perch and extremely common in FNQ. They only grow to about 40cm or something and have no size or bag limit.

I have heard (I think on here from one of the fish ID boffins from memory) that they also get called silver jew - but I'm not sure cos I've never heard someone call them that, there is another smallish jew like species common in the gulf (they have a jew-like body but a big nose and an underslung mouth) called silver jew and they DO have a size limit.

Attached is a photo of my ex missus :angry: holding a little jew.


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there is a difference between silver jew and mulloway, id would say this is what they are talking about, but you better be sure with your ID

Silver jew




all jewfish here


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Cheers for putting those links up BennyKenny, I was too lazy to do it! I'm interested in the different jew species because there are four types common in FNQ. I think it would be a good thing if DPI did a bit of a catch survey in FNQ, so they could update the common fish names to prevent confusion.

We get;

black jew, local name the same.

silver jew, local name little jew or jewie. Very common bread and butter fish, going to the beach fishing for a feed of jewies is like going for a feed of whiting down south.

scaley jew, have only caught a couple and seen only a handful of others caught, but they are pretty common in the gulf. On my local beach they are called 'mong jew' because they look like a jewie with down syndrome (stupid and not politically correct name I know)

Not on the DPI website but listed on the web as 'sabre tooth jew'. Locally called 3 tooth jew. Haven't seen them around for a few years- average 40cm and have a longer more rounded body and 3 prominent canine teeth. Hit hard and fight hard so looking forward to them turning up again.

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