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Surprise PB at peel. 5/05/12


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Went out yesterday arvo to look for tuna and have a bit of a play for sharks etc around peel with the girlfriend.

Ended up casting at the small mack tuna a few times for good follows but no hookups, Ran into On the Chew and PlasticFantastic who were also cruising around on the hunt.

Doing some random casting over shallows where the longtails were a minute before that and the girlfriend hooks up to soemthing with a solid run and then a slow circle around the boat, got it close and then she got a bit too excited and pulled the hooks. Looked like a mackeral but i know that they go harder that one run normally.

Got tired of chasing the longtails and not even getting close, picked up a few grinners for livies and a tailor. Couldnt find any snapper on plastics around the shallow reefs

Anchored up near peel in 6 metres of water and set a whole mack tuna that i caught on wednesday out on a 400lb wire rig with some big circles on it in hopes of a shark.

Had a few other baits out as well and got some small tailor squire and lots of big hits but no hookup.

Just before we started making dinner the big shark bait got a bit of attention and a few little runs but nothing enough to warrant me really looking at it. I left it in case there was something playing with it.

About 3/4hour later after had finished a chicken casserole reheated on the gas stove i wound the shark rig in to feel a little bit more weight and a slight tugging on it.

Up pops this to my surprise perfectly hooked with a 17/0 through the corner of the mouth.



86ish cm being a new pb by 3 cm for me.

Good start to the night and im stumped that it was that hungry it wanted to have a got at the big hooks and wire.

Shortly after that the tide changed and i set the live tailor out and tryed to get a bit of sleep.

just about asleep maybe 15mins later i hear ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZ. then quiet.

I wait a few minutes and then decided to check to find the tailor has been bitten almost the whole way through on one side and is losing blood everywhere, dropped it back it but it died shortly after. Suspected another jewie but could have been anything. Nothing wanted to eat the grinners.

Had another mack tuna out as well and it got shredded i presume on the slack of the tide on the bottom.

Was a good night and day out, came home today around 12 after looking around but not finding any decent schools of longtail and we got smoked by a snapper or something near cleveland point on 6lb.

Cheers, Jeremy.

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It was her first time chasing tuna and she was very keen on the sight fishing aspect of it and the size of the longtails worried her. She will get better at the casting side of things and get her boat license soon so she can help take the boat off the trailer and drive me around.

I thought i saw you shane but you were a long way off.

Im out tomorrow with regulated for some of the northern bay beasts.

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