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Cape moreton sunday mixed feed


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headed out to the cape early sunday morning to get get out there before sunup, we started at smiths reef with sps and the first 3 drops i was owned by big spaniards, 60lb fluro just did not help at all :lol: mick landed his first ever green jobbie which was no beast but still good to see one up close and he was released. we worked the area for not to much on the sps. Then we ventured over and started sounding around roberts, here we found a school of unstoppables and we were bricked repeatedly :pinch: some jelly bean mactuna started showing up around the boat and i quickly threw a lil slug at em and landed one, i was like righto stuff the sps i am going to strip the jellybean and get some fish in the esky. first drop and i found pearlies straight up only prob being they were 34cm :( fromm here every drop was producing reefies of some description i caught a heap of snaps at 34cm :(:lol: some really solid golden spot wrasse, a legal snap , hussar at 27cm , a grassy and some big barred faced - spine cheeks which will be strip bait for the next trip, then finally mick changed over to the bait and he too started getting fish every drop, the jelly beans came back so i caught another one for bait and continued bait fishing. we had a few very large spaniards in our lil berly trail and since i had no wire what so ever we just kept feeding them scaps of tuna and watching in a amazement , tried to get some underwater footage but failed with my camera skills :lol: a short while later and micks rod screams into action and he loses so much line in seconds he battled away for a couple minutes before he was done over :ohmy: we caught a heap of variety but only put 2 gold spots, 1 snap , 2 hussar , 2 grassies and 3 spine cheeks in the box. was a fun day out and next trip i will be a lil more prepared with wire for macks and fish the bait from the start..









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Nice little feed there wes. How was the swell out there. The size of it made me decide to stay home today.
the swell was an easy 2.5-3 with the odd 3.5-4 south east, the wind was the only reason why i headed out and the swell was a good distance apart. the waves hitting the cape cliff face nearly made it half way up the cliff face at times :blink: :silly:

oh and to the nut and manni nahh i was not out in the lil tin for this one ;) maybe a future boat for me if i can get the fella to sell it to me B););) 5mtr sunchaser with a 60 yammy 4stroke on it, we used 50ltrs for the entire trip from whytte island ramp with a end total of 138klms of travel this is the reason i want this rig as its big enough for off shore and small enough to handle with ease and so cheap to run lol ohh and the big v is just so dam comfy no slappin like the lil tin :pinch: :silly:

cheers or the comments fellas :)

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Moral of the story Wes is don't leave home without wire :woohoo:

Those spanos would have been a blast to hook up to they sounded like they were very interested in taking a well placed bait

it was insane as they had some good size to em, i tried once but they were checking every bit of tuna 3 times before actually eating it, and my piece with a hook well hidden only got one lil trial tap then they ignored it. i will be getting some wire this week and making a heap of wires ready to go :)
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Nice catch mate. You did great considering how many boats were around.

We didn't do any good at all over the top. She was pretty flat with maybe a 2m swell/wave roll through every 5 minutes. I could sit on 20knts without getting wet which was great. Kianga channel was pretty easy too

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