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Curtain overnighter


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Headed out to curtain for an overnighter, was the first time I have had the boat out in 10 weeks, nice glassy bay and we got to the beacons in about 20 mins from Scarbourough. Saw a massive dead turtle on the way, got to the beacon, loaded up on yakkas, then headed to curtain for the night. My mate with his light rod started the action with two nice little squire around 38cm, then a nice 33cm bream, then I got a big trev, that was going to be our live bait. We rigged up some shark rigs, I stuck a big slimey on mine, and the live trev went on Marks rod. Around 10 when the tide changed, it went off, screamed drag and then obviously went into a hole, we pulled up anchor, tried to get him out but he wasn't having any of it, we are calling a big cod. Had a nice nights sleep, went to the beacon chasing mackies, saw jeremey there, no hits, back to bulwar, got bait raped, and headed home, a bit choppy but 30 mins and we were at the ramp. The tide was rippppppppppppping through there last night, and there were around 14 boats on curtain, included a bunch of clowns in an open top tinny with no nav lights nothing, doing drifts and driving back up and down all night.

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not surprised it was a 'boat' park out there. i think ur boat is losing its touch as it gets older there eddie, it really should be doing that trip in 15 minutes :whistle:

my four donkey would do it in halfa ;)

So you think its quicker to travel being a SUBmariner :P:P:P:P:P:P:P

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Looks like you had a good sess in arvo.there was a bit of seabreeze in the morning n than it glassed out.

It was okay for us. I hate fishing public holidays though. So many idiots around.

We got a few nice snaps in the river on first light until all the boats going past started coming to our spot. That just shut down the fish. We left n came beacons after. I tried calling for you on 21.

Pretty quite there but i got a heap of slimies for offshore bait.

Ended up with 1 schoolie and a few squid n cuttle fish for day. So got a decent feed

Hooked on to a longie on but my 2500 sol couldnt handle it lol i got spooled. Cant wait to get sustain back.

We got stuck at ramp on way back for 45 minutes.


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