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Monday, 7th of May at Harry's


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Went out to Harry's this morning, launching from Manly at about 6am.

Fishing was pretty sad for a few hours with very little action, small fish nicking our bait and nothing being landed. Come 10am along the high tide and the action kicked off. In an hour we managed to land 1 bream going 32cm and 5 squire with two 38cm and three going 42, 43 and 45cm respectively.

We probably could have caught more but we ran out of bait by 11:30am. We tried with the plastics but didn't have any joy.



I also managed an interesting double hook up catching a 43cm squire on one hook and his little brother on the other snelled hook


Had another interesting altercation at Manly boat ramp. I was waiting patiently on the water along with two other boats whilst our respective deckies fetched our trailers, and some lovely gent decided to drive straight past us all, right up the boat ramp and proceeded to get out of his boat with the intention of leaving his boat right in the middle of the ramp whilst he went to get his trailer

I called out to him, pointing out that there were two vehicles currently reversing down the ramp straight at him, and he needed to wait in queue as there were three other boats in front of him plus other boats trying to get in the water, and he started flying into one at me.

WHAT A TOOL. Some people have no clue.

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Mate there must have been 40+ boats out there when we packed it in at 12pm. When we arrived on-site a little before 6:30am there were probably about 10-15 boats.

You'll see in the first pic that there are no boats behind us looking toward Moreton. We were staying well away from the pack and it paid off.

The weather was awesome out there. It was a bit choppy getting out there but flattened out beautifully by about 8am.

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