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Canal session with Viper 83 Thursday night.


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Hi all, Matty and myself decided to hit up the canals on Thursday night.

Finally it was 4:30pm, work had finished and Matt swung past and grabbed me. We set out to our launch spot at the ramp next to Sundale bridge, but we arrived to find it all fenced off, so we headed down to another one close by.

We started flicking around surface lures next to a rock wall, but no joy there. We were hoping for a few trev's but couldn't here any, so we moved into one of the many canal systems close by.

We stuck to surface offerings for a while, but with only a few half hearted follows we switched over to plastics.

It wasn't long before mine was smashed at the back of a pontoon. It was short lived though as the fish swung around and dusted me on the pylon.

We had a few more hits but couldn't convert them into hook ups. Things went very quiet for about half an hour while the tide changed. Then we moved right up to the back of the canal where we found a pontoon with a couple of good lights on it and it was game on.

We were both using the ecogear bream prawns Matt using his fav colour salt n pepper, and I was using my fav, seeded mustard both in 50mm.

Matt was busy tying on and said "you should fling a cast up in there" (between 2 boats near the light.)

So I fired off a cast and the rod loaded up within 5 seconds. Resulting in this.


After a quick photo I let off another cast into the same spot. Again within a few seconds the prawn was engulfed and the rod loaded up. This felt like a much better fish, and it was.

This went 35.



I pulled another fish off this same pontoon a few casts later.



I pulled 2 or 3 more fish from this canal before it went quiet again after that, so we moved to the opposite canal. Matt was finally awarded with a fish and was off his donut. A nice sized flatty.



This canal went quiet as well, so we moved around again. The next spot we had plenty hits but again no conversions.

The clouds were looming over head at 11pm, then at 11:15 the heavens opened and we were drenched. Not much fun in a shallow tinny with no bilge pump or bailing bucket.

We stopped under a bridge and bailed a bit out with the sounder cover then dashed back to the ramp. Once we got there we were forced to wait around for about 20 mins while some idiots were stuffing around trying to get the boat on the trailer. But we got home in the end.


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