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Non public holiday Mud fish


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Since all your blokes fished the long weekend while I worked I thought I'd have a quiet days fishing off Mud this morning on my own. But there were still a few boats about but I was the second one there on the eastern side at 0500.

Got these 2 on mullet flesh before 0700 which I kept.


I could have kept 3 others which were just over legal but let them go as I plan to have another crack at them tomorrow.

After the bait session I tried some plastics. Was getting hit all over the place but only by the smaller models. Had one tiddler almost to the boat when a silver flash hit it and took off. The poor little bugger became breakfast


While drifting I saw a few squid but by the time I tied a jig on they were gone but picked this up for bait for tomorrow.


All up I boated over 35 fish in 3 hours... so not a bad non public holiday fish :)



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