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Mercury 40 HP 2 Stroke Elpto - Starting Issue


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Wondering if anyone has had a similiar issue, my 40 hp merc has a intermittant fault where it might play up after 100 starts and over the course of a month.

first time it bailed me up while drifting near the mouth of the river wouldnt start.... played around for a bit and after 45 minutes sitting it started.

then on the weekend i would of stopped and started it 30 times drifitng at caloundra, then all of a sudden it wouldnt start.

primed the fuel, checked all fuses. let it sit and tried a few more times over a hour period. with the fears of flooding it i left it at that and decided to radio the coast guard for a tow.

Got a tow back to the ramp where i went to get the trailer, backed down the ramp and opened the door.

a mate had the motor running like a dream.... started straight away witout the choke or quick start.

bizzzarrre and starting to give me the Sh!ts, dont want to take the boat anywhere now.


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