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Darwin On Light Line


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As some of you know Henry (DoStylz) and I headed to Darwin recently for a site fishing charter with Vision Sports Fishing Charters. I am not going to waffle and come across cheesy but I cant recommend this operation more highly.

We arrived at the stupid hour of 2:30am (due to plane delays) for a 4:30am pick up. This was not super appealing but the aniticipation and a few red bulls got me through. The minute I saw the water anyway... BING. Eyes wide open.

Getting the gear ready. PS... Damn comfortable ride.


The concept of this trip was not typically what I have read about for NT trips, and this was what alrgely appealed to me. Instead of trolling big lures in dirty water or bait fsihing shallow reefs we would actually sighting our fish in the shallows and attempting to cast right to them. Now by shallow I mean shallow with many barra spotted in water that could barely contain them. Ben (from Vision) was an absolute guru at spotting these fish.

After launching we were straight into the action with our new PAYO Bent Minnows proving themselves (and turning our the be hands down the lure of the trip).


These PAYO bent minnows are similar to the OSP ones but a 3rd of the price and I cant fault their action!

Soon after we were on again, and again and again. Then there was a triple hookup!


Some more fish on the surface from the same location...



Then it was time to ditch the "heavy stuff" (being 10lb :P) and try out our 4lb set ups. So glad we did. Once again despite being told "your going to get your arse handed to you"... It didnt happen with some great fish being landed. In fact on the second day the fishing proved to be a lot tougher and it was the light stuff that shone as being superior. Dont get me wrong... These are not Meter + fish... But I would personally prefer a 60-70 on 4lb than a meter on a broomstick anyday :)

Henry Casted a PAYO Bent Minnow deep into a snaggy drain and somehow managed to extract this fish on 4lb braid and 4lb leader...


And again the light stuff on queenies.


Bens a bit camera shy as the guide doesnt usually fish but we were having none of that!


The afternoon of the first day resulted in a session throwing everything we had on light gear at a plethora of queenies, trevs and mackerel. While only a few queenies were "huge" on the gear we were using this was epic fun with over 50 fish caught in a couple of hours (if not more). At one point I was literally panting and sweating as it was one after the after casting small chrome into this massed school of pelagics...

This session resulted in several more triple hook ups and event a quadruple as a plastic was left dangling in the water!!


Last Barra of the trip caught on ultra light gear when the fishing got tough...


Ben cruising us back to the ramp... Note the phone number :)


This is what we were often looking for in the shallows...


Not afraid to get us into the REALLY shallow stuff in search of fish.


Some cool wildlife up there...

Little Croc.




Land of extremes...


All fish for the trip released unharmed.



Sorry for the long one!



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Looked like a good trip fellas. Definitely a great experience!!

So what's the go with PAYO that seems to be mentioned every second line :P You selling these ?

Yeah they will be availble with a range of Pontoon 21 and Damiki stuff at Winter Camp.


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Nothing wrong with Payo stuff, I used to bring in a heap of stuff from them to use personally. Have boxes of cool things in my spare room at home from them. Are you getting their spinnerbaits/buzz baits? They are great quality and you should be able to move them at awesome prices.

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Looked like a good trip fellas. Definitely a great experience!!

So what's the go with PAYO that seems to be mentioned every second line :P You selling these ?

funny thing actually with these. Ben (our guide) is actually from Brisbane and worked at tackle warehouse. But since he's been up in the territoty guiding for barra and the likes, he's been out of the smaller lure game lately. When we first tied on for our first casts I said I'd throw on a topwater bent minnow style lure. Having never seen one in the water he was like "yeah... they won't really work, you really need something that gets a foot under". First cast I put under him and retrieved and he was like "yep.. that'll work". From there it was always on at least 1 rod for the entire trip.

Definitely got more hits on it than the usual barra type lures as well and because you could control how deep it went, you could generally avoid the very shallow snags. I won't say that it's better than the normal barra lures. It just worked better for us for the time in the season, tide and style of fishing we were doing.

Most fun part of the whole trip for me was getting frustrated with the barra and other fish not playing the game when we could see them boofing and slashing up in the shallows. So I thought stuff it, I know what they want. Threw out a maria blues code on my bream gear (4lb/4lb with a 40lb tippet) 6 casts in saw a barra leaping out of the water. Not big in the grand scheme of things but definitely a great catch on the lighter stuff and it turned a run of no bites or hits at all into a couple of landed fish.

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Nice one ! Count me in next time

Will do!

We will be back for sure.

The good thing about this trip format is it can be achieved over a weekend.

However there was talk of another trip Ben loves doing which involved allying with another guide, taking a house boat and 2 tenders overnight in Arnhem land for 5 days of epic barra fishing... Dream.


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You can't go too far wrong in that part of the country!

Which systems did you fish and on what tides?

Cheers, Rhet

Bynoe Harbour mate. Huge bit of water for people used to locations down here.

Honestly without a guide I dont know where you would start!!!


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