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1.5 Metre Pike Eel.


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Hi folks, i have a little fishing report about my 1.5 metre pike eel i caught just recently, I caught this huge beast at the mouth of breakfast creek. I was pretty amazed to see such an enormous fish in the river. I have a little youtube video and some photos to see. Hope you's enjoy.






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Cool but :sick: ....... :P Nice job anyway :)

I got one in the logan, but it was so much more thicker than that. I wanted a photo, but I forgot the camera and it was more than half the size of the boat, so we thought that wasn't the smartest idea and the estimated size was about 1.8-2.2 metres! :lol:

Good work anyway :silly:


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thanks guys, it defiantly gave my 30lb brad and 280lb wire trace a work out. I must admit i was pretty disappointed to see it was an eel but i was happy to have such a crazy fight on my hands.

Wow! how did you ever land that on 280lb Trace.. :P

Nice work marn

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