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Tuff at Baroon 1st

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Put in a tuff day up at Baroon today. Managed 23 fish [all giants ] the bigest being 35cms ha ha. Spinnerbaits Nill, plastics nill, various jigs nill. Trolling deep divers 23. It was a nice morning with about 10 feet visibility through the fog. I will have to be careful I have wet both boats within a week.


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Still one my all time favourite Dams Baroons. I am happy to ctach slightly smaller fish for the scenery. Not to mention the good numbers.

I still want to get a yella out of there though

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Well done Dino.

Good luck Ray!


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A couple at Montville ramp and the rest over on maleny side not far from dam wall. My mate got 4 on the way across at 20ft in 35ft of water. I agree with Angus its a pretty dam.If i did not have to rest my back I would be fishing daily. ha ha


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baroon is one of my fav dams...angus and myself yakked around the whole dam in a peaceful, no skiers not loads of boats hooning around and kayak loads of bass in there too.......ahh the memories:whistle:

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    • By Dinodadog
      Well it had been a long time since I had a bait fish, so I pulled a couple of pots for some shrimp and headed on down the dam trolling.Picked up some trolling before doing some casting, was lucky enough to get a yella on first cast then another on second cast.Picked up some more bass trolling ,then had a nice little 30 bass session on the bait.More trolling and then home. All up 66 bass and 2 yellas, better than watching TV.

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    • By davostephens
      I got sick of putting a baitjig over the side at 4$ a pop and then torn to shreds in seconds,,,so i thought there must be a better way.
      I try to get a northern species of yakka, But when the school macs are around or down south, the bonito.. your jigs dont last too long.
      So i made this. I use wire on mine due to school macs. The wire is then albrite knotted strait to mono 50 lb. I use 3 jigs on my  but im sure you could go more. I use heavy gear i guess for bait because once one mac or trevally hit usualy more do.  Anyway it may be of use to someone. 
      You need : some nylon filament.. The stuff that goes on woghead lures for Spanish macs. (Good tackle shops should have this)
                         Lumo sleeves
                        40lb single strand wire..  ( if your making yours no wire then you will need a thicker wire to put hole in nylon melt {see below}, then remove, then poke your mono thru)
                        Hooks and mono of choice.  a lighter too. and bit of braid.
      1- pinch of filament, couple colours if desired.. then tie bit of braid around bunch and slide to within 1 cm of end of bunch.. the braid gathers it together to allow easier melting of mono filament strands.
      2- Burn the end of the filament bunch to melt together.. Do a couple of times. and while still not hard poke a piece of wire thru the middle of the burnt glob of nylon. {make sure glob isnt to large that the lumo sleeve wont jam over,)
      3- put hook on wire with haywire twist. I put twist around hook shank to shorten the distance.
      4- trim a lumo sleeve to desired size and slide over melted glob, filament and hook end.. Draw eyes on with pernament texta if ur keen.
      5 -trim filament to desired length
      6 - make a rig with charter loop knots or alike. say 3 loops and 2 tag ends that one goes to swivel and other to sinker.
      7 - Albrite wire to mono. 
      and there u go..
      If your not using wire just poke the wire thru the melted glob..put bit wd40 on wire so dosnt stick to melted nylon. then pull out wire once set, leaving a hole to poke ur mono thru and tie on hook.
      In these i put about 5 cm wire for toothys. and a mix of bluey purple filament and whit filament.. i trimmed both ends of the lumo sleeve to about 2-3cm total. Trim filament tail to size reqd.. i make long to begin with as it is easier to handle and burn.
      I reckon theyed make ok fly fishing thingys. Im not a fly fisho.
      I used this one night and instead of a lead i had a lucanus jig as the weight. Just with the boat bobbing a 8 kg cobia took the lucanus..Because the whole rig was sound and well made i got the cobia.. Later i caught 3 small barracuda on the jig that i kept alive and on dawn they were turned into spanish mackeral. Daylight has seen plenty of school macs have a go at it. 
      anyway there easy enough to make.
      If you do make some post a pic to see what else people come up with for bait jig material..

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    • By davostephens
      These are a good item. Save your line above the hook when reef fishing so your line dosnt get chafed
      Also help tidy up a rig, see diagram below. for when using 2 hook rigs in deeper applications they streamline it all and prevent twists, Hide your crimps, loops etc.
      Good for saving your rod tips when you got a few novices that try wind the swivel thru the tip. Put one above your coastal snap swivel However can lead to bite offs with mackeral or jackets as they attack the sleeve above your swivel.
      And i have caught plenty of mac tuna chasing the sleeve as you retrieve line to boat. They eat empty hook with these sleeves over your hook.  I have also literaly put a small ball or bean sinker strait onto a hook and pulled into one of these sleeves. then you got a castable lure, or you can troll them for mac tunas,  im sure aussie salmon or tailor would go em. I use them when the tuna are eating small fish, School macs love them to.
      Cheapest lure out there, Pack of 20 usualy 5$, Im sure 100 pack would make price per unit cheaper.

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    • By tugger
      My wife and i went camping up at Kenilworth for the weekend with a group of friends with our caravans. This was my 1st time to this township and the plan was to do some exploring through the neighboring national parks and some fishing in the Mary river.
      Friday arvo we set up camp at Kenilworth Homstead on the grassy bank of the Mary river. There only time to have a few drinks and settle in but what a place to watch the sun go down.

      Saturday morning I walked the Mary river flickng lures but had no luck then cooked up a mad breaky. The plan for the rest of the morning was to explore conondale national park doing some 4 wheel driving.
      The entrance to the park was only 7km away and our 1st stop was at Charlie Moreland camp ground for a swim and look around for future trips. Then we doubled back and found boolumba creek road which changed from tar to dirt at the park boundary. 
      Here you cross the creek which was only 600mm deep then you pass the 1st of 4 camp grounds. After a 2nd creek crossing the forest changes and you start to here bell birds.
      The track heads up the mountain on a very steep gradient for 2km till you reach the lookout. Looking down the from there you can see boolumba creek again and across to a fire tower on the next peak.
      We travelled onwards till we reached the car park where you set off for boolumba falls and the bread knife rock formation. I had a swim at the falls which were still running even in this drought.
      The call was made to head back to town for lunch and the bakery was just the perfect stop. Famous for its 1kg cream doughnut I just had a very tasty pie as I needed room for a few cold beers. We also visited the cheese factory and picked up some tasty cheese and yogurts.
      The afternoon plan was to have a fish in the river and while most of our group fished the bank I paddled up river on the yak. Flicking lures at all the likely looking spots I saw a few rises then bam I am on. The rod buckled and the fish jumped you beauty I was connected to a Saratoga the 1st for me in nearly 30 years.
      I have only targeted them a couple of times at lake booromba the last couple of years. The fish after a good fight was next to the kayak and I slid the net under it and paddled to shore to dehook him. A quick photo and release had him swim off strong.

      Please login or register to view this attachment  
      I paddled the yak further upstream and found a dozen bass in less than a meter of water very cool to see. No more fish was caught by sunset and dinner and drinks was calling. The night went by quick and I slept well before having another fish early the next morning.
      Had a bass follow the lure right up to the yak but that and a few bumps later was all I could encounter. Breakfast and pack up camp followed before a good cruise of just under 2 hours home. Definitely going back to this area again in the future plenty more to explore.
    • By Andrew_P
      My research group recently hosted Greg Lamprecht from Wicked Fishing. He has been donating fish frames for our research for more than 5 years. He did a great job of showing the process of estimating fish age on his FB page it is worth a look if you are interested! 
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