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Tidal flooding possible on winter king tide

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06 June 2012

Brisbane City Council advises residents that localised tidal flooding is possible in foreshore and riverside locations on Wednesday, 06 June, 2012.

Gale force southerly winds and a large southerly swell are forecast to develop off the Southeast Coast district today, increasing the risk of surge.

The Bureau of Meteorology advises a peak of 3.07 meters is expected at Brisbane Bar (1.83m AHD) at approximately 11pm on Wednesday, 06 June 2012.

The king tide experienced last night, Tuesday, 5 June 2012, peaked at 2.73 metres at Brisbane Bar (1.49m AHD).

The king tide is a natural occurrence that occurs on Australia's east coast twice a year, and may result in localised tidal flooding on roads and in some Brisbane suburbs.

Please take precautions if required. Sandbags are available at the following locations for residents to collect if required:

- Newmarket SES Depot, Wilston Rd, Newmarket (in carpark off Erneton Street)

- Morningside Works Depot, Redfern Street, Morningside

- Darra Works Depot, Shamrock Rd, Darra

- Virginia Parks Depot

Residents in areas prone to localised flooding from tides of this height are advised to avoid parking their cars on the street during the event as saltwater can cause permanent damage to vehicles. Motorists are also advised to avoid driving through saltwater on affected roads if possible.

For more information:

For a list of streets expected to experience flooding visit:

For information on tide predictions visit:

For information on the City gauge visit:

Alternatively please phone Council on (07) 3403 8888.

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