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Glenlyon Dam trip


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Well just about got it planned, going to do a short trip out to Glenlyon Dam during the September school holidays (probably 3 nights from the 24/9).

It will be good to have a bit of a fish at a new place, but it is really a shake down trip for my boys, to see if they can survive a long trip to and from the fishing spot, a few days doing nothing but fishing, before the big BRC Awoonga trip in November.

Going will be be Rayke1938, myself and my 2 sons. Ray says another of his mates might come along, he has been wanting to fish Glenlyon for ages. Lake was down to around 25% when I was there a month or so back, but still plenty of fishable water!

With a bit of luck I might get my first Murray River Cod.

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Gday mate.

My uncle was there only one month ago as well.

Using shrimp and yabbies on handlines they cleaned up on yellowbelly and a few eel tail catties.

Had them for lunch and dinner each night on the camp bbq.

Hope you have similar luck!


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fillet them and remove the fat ( easier to see if chilled ) and they are top class eating reguardless of the size. I also dont bother with the belly flap meat as its covered with fat and is only thin anyhow.

Hope we get a 10 pounder and I will show feral how good it is.

I have booked cabin from 27 Sept till 3rd oct. will be with mate 27 - 30th and feral 30-3. visitors welcome. We will be using my boat- 4m fibreglass fisherman centre console with 30 yamahma 2 stroke. 2 spare bunk beds avail 27 -30 and spare seat in boat. you would have to sleep on floor 30 - 3 and no spaer boat seat then


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Brian map attached. Glenlyon is in the bottom left corner of map. It is about 60k west of Stanthorpe

With boat on board, I'd reckon about 3 1/2 hours from Brisbane?

I am traveling up on the 30th, but Ray will be there a few days before. Be good to see you there if you can make it. [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/glenlyon.jpg

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Brian I was talking to Brian Dare at the van park this morning he said there are plenty of shrimp in the dam so we will have plenty of bait. I have about 20 redclaw and a dozen shrimp left over from our trip to Hinze last month. If i am energetic i may also pump some saltwater yabbies on tuesday.That will be enough for our first day and then we will catch our own. We are taking about 8 shrimp traps so we will have plenty.

Brian said the yellowbelly are biteing very well and should continue to do so.

We will have 2 boats between 5 of us . ( 3 adults and 2 children) so we will have a spare seat in a boat if you dont want to tow yours all the way.

My home phone is 32068583 .

Iwill have my mobile turned on while i am at the dam 0403072325 if you want to get the latest while we are there.



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