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Fishing opotions Port Villa Vanuatu

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Heading over to Vanuatu, staying on Iririki Is in a couple of months and plan on sneaking away from the missus to throw some lures around and go on a charter one day. :woohoo:

Have any of you blokes been over there? any recommendations for charters in the Port Villa area.



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just head down to where the charter boats pull in and ask around. there's a bar right on the water there where they all dock, so if you ask the bar tender, owner or any of the deckies cleaning the boats in the arvo they'll sort something out. 95% of the fishing will be trolling for marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dollies and a few different tunas out on the FAD's and shelf.

i went in 2009 and did a full day trolling with 1 other punter on the boat, think it was about $160 australian. can get a bit rough out there esp on the shelf where the currents meet the swell.

you probably won't be able to keep any of the fish you catch as they like to supply their villages with a feed of fresh fish, but they should offer you the option to have a feed cooked up in that bar where they dock if you'd like

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Cheers for the reply mate.

Well if your saying that I could get a marlin, wahoo or dolly that would tick three bucket list boxes. I hooked a very large wahoo in between Broome and an island well west and it destroyed 50lb line with a locked drag. Would love to hook another.

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Was in Vanuatu this time last year and fished with Sportsfish Vanuatu from Havannah Harbour for a day. The weather was a bit ordinary while I I was there, so only managed one day out. Couldn't fault the setup, Russ went above and beyond to put me on the fish and was more than happy to teach me his rigging techniques etc.. In one day we threw poppers for GT's, trolled for Wahoo and fished a seamount for doggies. Caught a good Wahoo and GT, dropped a sail.

Good setup and a nice bar by the water where they served up the fish afterwards with a few cold ones. It was about $65 Aus, for a return cab to Havannah for the day.

If wanting to stay around Vila, Charles from Crusoe was a nice guy and knew his stuff. Had a few tuskers with him at the waterfront bar one arvo. Yell out if you want any other info on the area.



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I am heading to Vanuatu on Sunday for a week and hopefully a couple of charters , I will let you know how we go . Sportfish are one that's in my sights and apparently some good operators out of the wahoo bar in port villa I will put up a post when we get back .... Matt

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I'm staying at Iririki in March, planning to do a full day trip with Russ from Sportsfish Vanuatu.

If anyone is staying in Vanuatu while i'm there i'll be more than happy to have someone join me on the charter and we can split the cost.

cheers tim

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    • By WildRiverFishing Jia
      Hello from
      Please login or register to view this imagePapua New Guinea. Please login or register to view this image

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    • By Better Tackle
      Caught up with a mate of mine while I was overseas and he asked if the rigs I make would work off-shore in Florida.
      Since we are only a small hobby business and are not an actual online tackle store and a manufacturing business we did not really have much funds for advertising as Better Tackle is a labor of love not profit. ( Our whole business model is to make better rigs then you can make yourself or get from the big name companies that sell similar pre-made rigs).
      So I sent him home with a few of our rigs and mentioned that the Cherry bomb and the Irish Eyes as well as the Blue Sunrise are my personal favs for reef fishing.
      He sent me back this picture of the biggest trigger fish he has ever caught in 40 years fishing and was super impressed.  Which I was shocked how impressed he was as he knows me and knows that if I make something or put my name to it ifs bloody good but I am also aware there is a lot of similar poorly made stuff out there so many people are standoffish with our gear. ( which is fair enough but sigh, does make things hard when you are trying to promote yourself.)
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      But check out this trigger fish. Its a bloody beauty.
      Tight lines guys Josh from
      oh and coincidentally the 20% discount I have done up for members here is still available . The code is Aussiefishing,   Just add that at check out as I like to give back to a community I enjoy being part of.
      Hope you are all wetting a line this weekend or wetting your thirst or both, as I am want to do myself.

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    • By Angus
      What a trip!
      Not exactly the one I wanted but there are stories none the less. To explain briefly without going into to much personal detail 1.5 days into the triup and my dad got extrmely sick forcing me to leave and take him back to Kimbe for care. Gutted. I was happy to write it off as I have enjoyed the experience before. I was devastated for him as he was having such a good time. He managed one small black bass for his efforts. Thus I am left with not a lot to report except images. I am sure @John would be happy to fill in many details.
      Points of interest were the bass were challenging to target due to an early arrival of white bait but some creative use of soft plastics enticed many to bite.
      As far as hard bodies go trends moved back to my first trip experience with FCL Labo lures killing.
      I do not have heaps of time to write paragraphs so will add some pictures now and more text later or reply to questions as they come.
      Visit to the village:

      Black  Bass (Have so many more but how many can you see?):

      Other Lutjanus species for the trip:

      Please login or register to view this image Trevally:

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      Questions? I have so many more pictures of bass, cod, randoms, jacks... just trying to choose highlights.
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      Hello one and all
      I have been very busy both on the water and off over the last few months and haven't had time to post. With all the rain we have had in SEQ it has been challenging to say the least to find quality fish in the estuaries so I said "bugger it" and got on a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah. Jokes, I had to go for work but I did find time for a fish.
      I lived in Salt Lake City for a time back in 2010/11. In that time I got to make some great mates with a common love of fishing. One of those is Pete. Pete is an outdoors legend. A crack shot with a rifle and bow as well as a very VERY good fisherman. He said he would try and get me onto a trophy trout from a lake up in the Uintas. These are a part of the Rocky Mountains and is nestled in amongst some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. The lake itself sits at 6,042ft above sea level. Anyway, we headed up on Friday arvo, downed a few sherbets, hit the hay and got up at sparrows on Saturday morning. The temp was right on 0 friggin degrees when we launched and Pete opened up the throttle on his competition ready bass boat. We topped 62mph on the way to our first spot. Watery eyes and runny noses were the order of the day when the first lines hit the water. We flicked a couple of jerk baits about on a steep drop off and it wasn’t long until we both put some rainbow trout in the keeper bag. Then we headed into the deeper water looking for the biggun. We were jigging 5 and 7 inch white tube jigs tipped with thin slivers of minnow fillet. We were fishing between 65 and 115 feet of 2 degree C water. Pete got a hook up on a good fish about 4 hours in but he struck too hard and popped his leader knot. I asked him what he uses for a leader to braid knot, he said double uni. I tried to convert him to the FG, we’ll see. Seven grueling hours later we were getting tired. Conditions were beautiful but we just didn’t get a touch other than Pete’s bust off. We were a bit despondent and we agreed that this last cast was it for a while and we would go chase some rainbow trout. The tactic we were using was dropping a tube jigs straight down to the bottom. 15lb braid with 15lb leader onto a 3/4oz jighead. We would get it on the bottom, pop it a few times then wind up about ten foot to see if you could get a strike. Well in a fairy-tale ending I landed the freshwater fish of my dreams on the last cast after an epic 10 minute battle on this relatively light gear. A trophy trout!!! Pete had said that many come to this spot and return empty handed but I bagged one first time out and I’m not sure who was happier him or me. You can’t see the big belly on this fish as I was cradling her as she was full of roe. Pete pegged her at 20lbs. A quick pic and back she went back into get bigger and fatter. We spent the rest of the day chasing rainbow and brown trout. We ended up taking a nice feed home. Pete will take the rainbow trout home and smoke it for me to bring home.
      We headed back to our cabin and had a few more Makers Marks, some prawns and talked **** for a while. Full of piss and bad manners we decided we would head out again for a couple of hours the next day. Sunday morning, up at 5am, coffee, Tim tams and away we went. It wasn’t as cold as the morning before (about 4 degrees C) but there was a strong southerly blowing at about 20-25 knots. We didn’t pick up a lake trout but on the way back to the ramp Pete stopped in at a little sheltered cove that had a little gravel spit sticking out. We tied on some small 3 inch green tube jigs on 6lb line and 1/8th oz jig heads. “Throw it up in the shallows and pop them back” says Pete. I swear, every cast if not second we smacked trout who were up spawning. We landed fish after fish.
      Anyway, we were keeping the better trounced and Pete says. Let’s get a couple more to get our bag and head in as he landed one more. He walked up to the front of the boat, bumped into the front pedestal seat, tried to catch his balance and..... yep.... over he went into 2 degrees C water with full waders, jacket, jumper, jeans, balaclava, fur lined boots, gloves ....the whole shebang. A got up to the front as quick as I could. He was sinking but stuck his rod up, I grabbed the end of it, pulled him to the boat and dragged him around the back of the boat to the little ladder he had for easy access into the boat.... except he’d bloody tied it up and with both of us having frozen fingers we couldn’t undo the rope. I ended up dragging his soggy arse into the boat and he just laid there for a bit composing himself while I pulled my gloves off and stuck my frozen hands under my armpits as they were so cold it felt like both hands had been slammed in a car door. So Pete gets to his feet, strips off and picks up his bloody rod. I say, “so we are heading home to get you warm yeah”? And he says “ yeah after I get our bag of trout” and continues to throw lures and land fish for the next 30 mins. Sure enough we bag out on good trout and head to the ramp.
      An awesome weekend and I’ll doubt I’ll ever forget it. Here’s some pics

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