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Gold Coast 05-08-06


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another fishless day but at least it was fishing!

hope you all don't mind but im posting this exact same msg on another site. just wanted to see and get feedback from what ppl will say. always good to learn new things...warning though, its a long post...as far as i know, ppl on this site are friendlier and places they go are alot nearer to where i live.

managed to get down to the coast for a couple of hours over the weekend (05/08 Saturday morning). looked like a nice day from inside the car but as soon i got out of the car, the wind was howling for all it was worth. i thought to myself ' well, better a windy day fishing than no fishing at all!'

so dropped off the gf and drove around looking for places to throw some soft plastics. had a couple of new bags of plastics that i got on the cheap so was looking to try out something new. didn't have much luck the last time with the pumpkin seed or prawnstar.

decided to go to the spit again and stopped at maccas on the marina to have a bite. there was a wkend market going on and was bloody crowded. one particular store was selling these HUGE lamingtons and caramel slices for only 3 bucks each!! hell, they looked absolutely scrumptious! but nah, didn't wanna waste precious time on the water so scoffed down a maccas meal and continued recceing.

decided to try the area of beach beside seaworld. parked at the end of the carpark and rigged up in the car. didn't wanna try my luck with tying knots in the wind. just as i stopped the car, another fisho pulled up and got dropped off by his gf and their retriever or labrador. he went straight to the small jetty on the right hand side. there was a father and his 2 sons on the left side as well.

anyway i headed down the side of the rocks to the beach with a reddish carrot (that's the name i think) soft plastic on a 1/6 jig head. gear was a shimano baitcaster on a threadline penn powergraph with 4 lb main and 6 lb leader. was still way too windy! couldn't even get my plastic to land in the place i wanted. mostly landed like 2 -3 feet to the right of my targetted cast! the spot looked promising enough with a bit of weed and lots of oyster shells on the rocks behind me but ya, it was too windy.

tried there for a while before moving near the family as it looked like there was a channel running through from the left , creating a deep hole. greeted the father with a 'its too windy today!' and he agreed. couple of casts in and around there but still no luck too. looked over to the other fisho near the jetty and he too didn't look like he was having much luck. he gave up on the jetty and came over to my side. 'how are you,' he said. replied 'no luck, its the wind'. he set up his gear and did a little berley trail. i asked what was normally caught around here and he said 'well you would normally get a couple of flathead or whiting'.

changed to a green soft plastic to a gold chartruse but still on luck. decided to walk to the right and give the jetty a go. switched to a 2\" silver power minnow but again no luck.. was thinking to myself 'its one of them days'... but i seldom have time for a fish so i was enjoying myself though.

left the jetty and decided to try the end of the spit. water looked clear and there were a couple of boats near the edges of the breakwater. it was a beautiful day and there were plenty of dogs running around on the beach on the right. decided on a spot where it looked like there was a deep dropoff from the rocks. from my vantage point, i could see some shadows swimming around and with the current looking strong and waves pushing in, i changed to a bigger jig head on the green soft plastic. cast and cast and cast .. well u get the story.. no luck and when i decided to change softie, i got snagged and lost it all. changed to another softie and first cast!..... yes u guessed it.. got snagged again and lost that too...

was about time to go anyway so picked up gf for lunch and told her 'u go do your shopping.. im gonna try another spot'. she said fine so off i went to the gold coast bridge.. its the big one outside australia fair. tried under the bridge at the pylons but again too windy. even the 2 regulars there said 'nah mate, no luck today, its the bloody wind'.

cast and walked around the bridge to the other side facing the houses but no luck. at this stage i was thinking 'well, just enjoy the weather and fresh air'...walked back to the car and tried couple of casts on the beach (hope you guys know where this is.. its the beach beside the boat ramp at the bridge) ... nothing doing so decided to try another place..

wanted to try loders creek but too far and just as i left the gold coast bridge and headed towards surfers, i saw this small creek near paradise waters... turned in and parked in front of some houses. headed to the water and holy sh!t.. there was this small enclave of water leading towards a small bridge. no wind and as i looked into the water.. there were heaps and heaps of oyster shells on the bottom. was thinking bream and trevally.. only had 10 mins left so did some casts but as soon i did that, a boat came motoring into that small area, did a u-turn and left. 'ah well.. prob scared all the fish away', i thought. tried the bridge but only had 2 casts before the phone rang and oh well, that's the end of the day...

long report with no fish guys... but all in all, fresh air and some sun doesn't anyone harm!

tight lines all


PS. if someone from BRC is going fishing around brissie, let me know! wanna know what im doing wrong!

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Gday mate.

Good report.

A lot of people dont report on bad trips only good ones.

But i think its important to do both for knowledge sake.

Mate you live in Toowong right?

Same as me.

Come to Nudgee Beach this saturday afternoon.

Flatties, Whiting, Bream and Trevally.

Should be a good day with a fair few people from BRC going. (I can give you a lift as ill be leaving from Toowong at about 1:00pm latest, staying at Nudgee to maybe 5-6:00pm).

Then the weekend after that (Sunday the 20th) there are a fair few of us going up to Hinze to try for freshwater species (Bass, Yellas, Silvers, Tandanus, Cod and Saratoga) on hard bodies, Soft Plastics and Shrimp.

Also mate check the \"Going fishing\" section in the forums. There is always smething happening.

If you want to to go for a night fish for bream, sharks etc Anglers such as TerryH are usually keen.

Good report again mate.


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Mate, I reckon you need to go fishing, not sight seeing!

Pick a spot, and target it, different baits, or lures - different depths and distance.

Move around that general area for sure, but keep at it. I'd reckon never move on in less than an hour, unless you know you have a better prospect.

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Fair call Feral.

I have to say.

Getting bored but being to lazy to move has aid off for me in the past :P

Not for this specific report, but in general you never know what trend the fish are in. As in better outgoing, incoming tide? Full moon etc etc.

Point being i agree.

I figure stick with it. Soemthing might swim by!!!


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trevally at nudgee?? :P maybe 1 every yr :P

novrain stay in the same spot and keep at it... at times you can cast in the same spot 20 times and on the 21st cast get a hit... so just keep going at it...

also using 1/6 jigheads is massive for 2-3inch plastics... if you are going to use 2-3inch plastics try using a spinning set up (2-4kg) with a lighter jighead (1/40 to maybe 1/8th at absolute max)...

obviously your using the heavier jigehad to be able to cast with your baitcaster?? if you are going to use a baitcaster use maybe 1/8-1/4 jigheads with 4-5inch plastics and keep it on a sandy bottom with a double jerk and drop retrieve, let it sit for 3seconds then double jerk and drop... then just repeat it over and over again... id say use a squidgey slick rig... they have the weight built in and are rigged perfect so all you have to do is tie the knot from the hook eye... also they do alot of the work for you as they are a paddle tail they are more of a 'lazy mans' plastic

cheers, troy

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will definitely try to make it this saturday..

im actually using a threadline reel on a baitcaster rod... not sure what the difference is but it seems to work for me... at least i think it does.. haha...maybe im wrong..

if i do use a smaller jig head, doesn't that affect casting distance too?..i haven't really used soft plastics before cos was always a live bait person ...

over the weekend i did cast heaps.. really peppered the spot i was in but maybe no luck...

hopefully i'll see u guys this wkend..

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too bad u didnt get any.. mayb next time aye

Use jighead weights depending what fish you are targeting and depending on stuff like current, depth and wind.

If your fishing for bream it best to stick to anything lighter than 1/8.. 1/8 is probbaly the most you would go for bream unless its absolutely neccasary like if fishing very deep with a lot of current.

If your fishing for flathead then its ok to use the heavier jigs and probably a lot better because you can get further casts out and are covering more territory. Make sure the weight is enough to keep you on the bottom as u want it to be bouncing up and down along the bottom to create some sort of disturbance in the sand and hopefully attract a flatty.

hope this helps...


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gus: yeh i bet they were flathead though gus??

this is wot makes flathead such a good target... you can use light line with heavy leader... plus you can use a heavier jighead with 5inch plastics meaning further casts and small flathead around 30cms will eat a 5 inch plastic as easily as a 1m+ flathead will...

with fish like bream, moses perch and easily spooked fish... as nabeel said 1/8th would be max unless your in fast moving currents or deep water (40ft or more)... or if your are using gulps... and as time said... if you have a light jig head you get more side ways movement rather then just up and down making it look more like an injured bait fish...


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