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New to aquariums....please help.

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G'day All,

I have just bought a fish tank for Shell for her birthday. It is all set up, just waiting a week or so to introduce fish.

We are keen on having bass or saratoga. Just wondering where I would buy these from in the Brissy area? The tank is 70lt.

Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated, as I am a total lid at this sort of thing.

Thanks in advance,


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Your tank is too small for Toga and probably only big enough for 1 Bass,maybe 2 if they don't fight.

It will need to be setup and running for a min of 4 weeks before you can safely add fish to it.

Have a read up on the Nitrogen Cycle and familarise yourself with that as it is the critical side of fish keeping.

If you want to have some nice wood in the tank,you will need to add some form of calcium carbonate to maintain a stable PH between water changes.

As for water changes,you want to do 40% every week,no more and no less.

Less will allow your nitrates to build up and more can kill your bacteria.

You will need dechlorinator if using town water and I prefer to use Prime as it works a treat with chloramines.

Make sure your filtration is setup to ripple the surface water within the tank so you obtain maximum gas exchange and aeration.

Buy test kits for regular water testing until you at least understand everything.

You will want a Ammonia,Nitrite and Nitrate test kit to start with and if on town water a high range PH kit,tank water a low range PH test kit.

Just yell out if you need any info mate or any help with the tank or fish.

Setup correctly to begin with and you will get so much enjoyment keeping fish at home.

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Lance is a nerd.

Have you seen where these fish live naturally ?

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Pump some Stress coat in at the recommended rate and you can put the fish in straight away.

Forget the toga - tank's too small and they are too dear to lose as your first fish.

I have a bass here you can have. You can call it Brian Bass. I got it off Steve about 18 months / 2years ago. Can't fathom how it is still alive as it has even been exposed to chlorinated water more than once in water that has not been Ph tested.

If my fish isn't good enough for you (or Shell) then the big aquarium place at Stafford might be worth a call. Pet City have ruined there fish department unfortunately.

They may be a little hard to find in stores just yet, but after the stockists/breeders release the annual summer fingerlings to the market you will find them all around the place. It is hard to cop the massive markup but you have to live with that when you only want one and not 100 :pinch:

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Hey mate, I've kept fish for a while now an I recommend u NOT to put Saratoga or bass in a 70lt tank..u will at least need a minimum of a 6x2x2 for a Saratoga as they grow really big and they known to jump out of ur tanks and smash the lids. If this is ur first aquarium I think u should start of with a small community tank such as tetras and barbs. If u really want u can start of with a few African cichlids as they normally get along in a community tank..u can google it up and do some research b4 u start putting fish in just to get a idea.



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