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Fish tanks~!!!

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Hey all..

Well, been thinking bout it and I am starting to get really keen on the idea about a fish tank.

I used to have a small one ( not sure where its gone, i think mum sold it), but don't really have a great idea about them.

Was looking at getting something around 4ft to keep a Jack in.

Just wondering if anyone has a tank or pump around that they don't need? ill be happy to pay cash for it

Also what would i need? pumps etc..

Had a read in the forum search before and got a bit of good info

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Thanks, Runty

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Don't go small mate. It sounds weird but if you go a big one it is actually less maintenance. I used to have a breeding setup and did 2ft tanks which had to be cleaned every week whereas the 6ft tank would hardly ever need to get cleaned. If you want something like a jack have only him in the tank. He will eat everything. I currently have a 6ft with sump, UV, purigen and a little jack and haven't needed to do a water change in a long long time.

Live bait will make them grow real quick but make sure they are good quality. Either grow your own or get the off very reputable breeder because nearly all my losses were from poor live food.

The more Crustacean type food will mean you will bet way better red colours. I'm looking into breeding my own prawns now just for him.

Caboulture markets has a bloke doing good cheap tanks. Duck up and check him out.


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