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Has anyone seen this

Brian D

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Maybe there is more out there then what I give the authorities acknowledgement for. This flyer came with thelatest print of Modern Fishing.

Godd work Aust Gov. It's a start.

It's a bit hard to read but It offers grants for restocking, boat ramp improvements, boating safety programs and more.

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Gday Brian.

Well went and bought the fishing mag wit the alked about flyer to have a closer look.


I will be contacting them in the hope that maybe BRC will taken into consideration for some funding :)

Well one of the categoires was after all youth fishing camps etc.

I would love to organise and run something like that.

But we will see.



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Yeah Mate I agree it's a start but I feel that we are dragging the chain and there's not much I can do for another 6 months or so, cause I'm so busy at the yacht club. But I will help when I can if you need anything that I can do.

Moreton Bay needs to have a restocking program or it's stuffed but that's a different issue then funding for rec fishing development - well sort of anyway.

I like the idea of the youth fishing you mention but count me out as I've done years of youth work and just not my thing any longer, however I will give you a hand from a distance.

As you can see I am developing a passion for fish stocks.

Having said that I think that maybe we (BRC members) need to get together and forulate an BRC action plan so I have something to take to my local member or their opposition just before the next election.

I know we could do with the thoughts of people like Andrew, Ray and Couchin to name a few.

Does anyone agree?

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