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Brisbane river, Jindalee 09.08.2006


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On Wednesday Myself and george jumped in the boat down at the jindalee boat ramp for a bit of fishing.

The plan: -to explore some little creeks, cat some catfish and use them for live bait for sharks.

Understanding the chances of getting a shark were pretty slim we were mainly there for a nice day out on the baot, but brought shark gear anyway.

Caught a few catties till we got one that was decent size, then hooked him up and dropped him in the middle of the river. We then went closer to a mouth for further fishing and waited.

Only waited for about 40 minutes or so when my shark rod started to bend down alot, it was then i remembered id forgotton to loosen drag. George jumped at the chance of fighting the it, and so the 15 minute battle started. We actual started to chase the thing as he was bring it in. At one point we were probably only about ten feet from it, but asoon as we got alittle bit closer it took off........

And then it all stopped. As i gazed at the slack line i could feel 2 questioning lebonese eyes boring into me looking for an explaination. It spat it is al i could think off.

Poor old george was tired and saw, and abit disapointed.

But hey, it was his first shark hook up, and a good sign of things to come when it gets hotter!

Next time.

Also the new pontoon there is awesome, to bad yet again you cant fish there!

Here's a pic of of our looney Leb after we lost it.

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To be honest raider ive never caught a shark either so i couldnt give a worth while estimate! . The cattie was about 25cm long and we were using 22lb braid that was getting a good work out. Good news though, my jioner knot worked!

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Yeah pontoon looked good to me as well mate.

And your not \"meant\" to fish bretts either.

I think at Jindalee for night sessions it would be fine.

I reckon they dont want people fishing there because of boats etc.

But yeah at night \"when id be keen to hit up that pntoon anyway\" this would not be a big problem.


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Good stuff boys! I have just been thinking recently how long before its worthwhile putting some shark baits out. Looks like I'm gunna have to start filling the freezer with eel again:)

I'm curious how you boys rigged the cat up? I've had some mates fish cats around the 30cm mark with a hook just past the dorsal, and a second down near the tail. What size hooks did you boys use, I think we had about 6/0's. Also did you fish it off the surface?

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