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Nudgee Creek 12th August

Tim a

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G'day everyone

Finally something to report about!

Well Angus, novrain and myself met up at the carpark at lunch time today and had our 1st casts at about 1:45 p.m. Everything looked perfect for a good quality flattie session, the tide was gonna be good in an hour, good company, good equipment and beautiful weather.

We casting our plastics for quite awhile before the toadies came to eat our plastics... it was rather annoying and expensive. Finally the tide went low enough for us to cross the sand bank to my favourite spot , a little creek that dosn'nt exist until low tide. We were there for quite awhile just casting but the toadies were just munching up our sps. I was using 3\" and 2\" berkley power minnows in several different colors. After a while I decided to chuck on a popper so the toadies would bugger off. This proved succesful and after 20ish casts I got my first hit underneath a tree but unfourntuantly no hook up. Not to sure what it was but early guess was a little chopper tailor... yes if your wondering they are in there but there isn't to many. After another cast bang I was on! out came a little toady the size of my popper... grrr!

About twenty minutes after this Novrain had wondered off up the creek but Angus and I were still battling the toadies when all of a sudden bang Angus is on... and its not a toady!:woohoo: Judging by the bend of his rod I thought he had a very decent flathead. But after a short tusscle out came a very nice size flounder. I think it was 35cm but it had a lot of meat on it. Great the must be fish in there then! or not:blush:

After another 30 mins it was decided to head up stream to a bend in the creek where mullet are always jumping. So we worked our way up there having a cast at likely looking spots. We got to the bend that has some nice deep water and a few snags and started casting. After about 10 mins I got a hit. After another 2/3 casts bang! I was on!... and its not a toadfish! :woohoo: The fished pulled my relatively loose drag a little bit and shook its head a lot indicating a nice flattie was on its way in. I was pumped as this was my fish in a few months. It came in nicely and was slid up the bank as far away from the water as possible. WOOOOT MY FIRST LEGAL FLATTIE ON PLASTICS.. It measured 42cm(not huge) but still I was seriously pumped! It was caught on a 3\" pink lemonade realistix by berkley. As I had made a packed with myself not to ever kill a flattie on purpose I offered the fish to Angus for dinner aslong as he killed it.

After this we didn't have much time so it was decided to just have a few more casts in the same place. It was still beautilful weather and the tide was nice just the midgies were bloody annoying. At 4:50 Angus decided he needed to bail so I decided to go aswell.

A big thanks to the company for entertaining me during the fishless periods.


One 35 cm Flounder(angus) Caught on 2\"Realistix Tiger colour

One 42 cm Flathead(tim) Caught on 3\"Realistix Pink Lemonade

Several toadies

Trip rating: 91/2 outta 10


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Yeh brian toadfish are an absolute night for plastics as they just bite them in half. They also like poppers.

haha yeh feral I saw alot of glass around the popular places but in the good places theres none.

Yeh novrain im looking forward to next time aswell. I'm going back to nudgee in september when it warms up a bit.

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good work everyone... though while you caught your whole 2 fish me ando and nabeel caught close to 40! :P

brian: never heard of toadies on sps??? that was my mates first 2 fish on plastics... 2 toad fish in 2 casts... then a whiting 5 mins later... but stil i havent caught one thank god :) planning to keep it that way

tim: love that pic of the sole with the plastic rite down its gob... he realy did want that 2inch perch... also heard about your toadie on a popper! :P but your right about how they love plastics... i absolutely hate the amout of them there are at nudgee

novrain: yeh it sounds liek the wether was pefect everywhere... including manly

feral: dont scare everyone now :P now no1 will go bare foot :P... it depends where im going if i wear shoes... liek amnly has lots of nice sharp oyster rocks only accessable with shoes! :P

cheers guys, troy

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