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Potts Point

Brian D

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Got to the ramp at no particular time cause I was prepared to fish all night until I satisifed my primal need for catching fish, best guess on the clock would be 5 mins before sundown.

Threw the cast net about 10 times for 1 mullet, 2 herring and about 50 baby bream. It was good that the bream didn't get tangled in the net and all went back alive.

Headed for northen point MacLeay Island, then moved to western side, then back to northen side. Current was way strong due to the crazy high tide and there was outragious amount of weed. Every cast came back with half a KG of the stuff.

How about this: I caught a squid on my live mullet -that's right a squid came back with the live mullet. Also landed 1 shovel, 3 sleepy lemon cat sharks (1 a PB at about 5 foot long), 2 grinners and only 1 squire.

A bit disapointing cause I was looking for snapper but still fun.

Funny life this: When setting out from the ramp there were 2 other boats and on returing the same 2 boats where there. We all gave up at the same time. One boat of 3 guys said they had 1 fish between em and the other said they had about 20 but all under size.

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Yeah it did give a bit. I got it on my 220 penn with 25lb nylon and 25 fluro carbon so it was never a fair fight, but it had about 3 realy good runs and I had to tighten the drag.

I gotta say those 220 and 330 penns are very underrated. My 220 has stopped just about everything I've asked it too.

I'm going back next Friday Night if the wife lets me.

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