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Finest horses in my view are the Australian Stock horses (origins being the English thourougbread with subsequent selective breeding). Back in this other life I used to have I used to buy registered colts, break them in and compete on the campdrafting cirucit in western qld.

However, have never met anybody who did not have a soft sport for the "cold blooded" breeds which are the heavy farm or medieval war horses. I used to shoe a couple of percherons and they were the most gentle of giants. Their feet were almost 3 times the diamater of anything else!

I am not sure if it is still there but a great highlight at the ecca was always the carlton breweries dray being pulled by 8 magnificent clydesdales.

Unfortunately even in the west the stock horses and horseman are becoming a vanishing phenomena.

Thanks for that Ray.


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At great risk..... I have to disagree and say warm bloods all the way.

Here is 'Hugh' basking in the glory of best of breed and best of show.

Second pic shows his size at 17.2hh.

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The other horse we used to show was 17.3hh so we certainly drew a crowd when we dropped the ramp of the float.

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