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Idiots at Hinze.


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Went to western arm this morning mainly to recover my shrimp traps prior to moving them to Eastern Arm.


It was calm enough at the ramp I arrived but the trees on the ridge were moving well.I thought that I would be able to tie up to a tree and have a bit of a fish.

That did not last .


With the wind branches dropping everywhere so I moved over the other side and tried to fish the bays.

Plenty of fish but quite uncomfortable with the chop and the I pilot working overtime.





No size but still good fun.

Knocked off around 10ish and was heading back to the ramp when I noticed something red waving around on the other side of Ians Island.

Turned out to be a couple on a blow up rubber ducky. They were not in the race of paddling into the wind,no life jackets and the woman was very distraught,They both got upset when I would not allow them to get into my boat.

Woman got more upset when I pointed out that there was 120 feet of water under them.

Towed them back to the ramp do not think that they will be venturing back on the water again.



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