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SEQ Water review MCdonald & Borumba deferred others earlier.


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Copy of email nfrom SEQ water.


Change of Dates

The recreation review has rescheduled two groups in order to maximise community input and participation.

Lakes Borumba and Macdonald will now be held later in the review process, whilst Lake Manchester, Enoggera Reservoir and Gold Creek Dam will be brought forward.

With the Noosa council elections being held on the 9th of November, the recreation review team wants to ensure that the community are able to attend workshops and information sessions and have therefore rescheduled the review of Lakes Borumba and Macdonald to commence in April 2014.

To ensure the recreation review process is kept on track, Seqwater have been able to bring forward the review of Lake Manchester, Enoggera Reservoir and Gold Creek Dam to October. Discussion papers for this group will be released on the 23rd of October rather than as originally scheduled for April 2014.

Please visit the recreation review website www.yourseqwater.com.au to download a discussion paper release timeline. This timeline indicates when public consultation for a group of Lakes is due to open.

Should you have further questions, please email the recreation review team at recreationreview@seqwater.com.au.

Baroon and Ewen Maddock - Discussion Workshop Complete

On Saturday 12th October, the Maleny Community Centre hosted the discussion workshop for the recreation review of Lake Baroon and Ewen Maddock Dam. Thirty community members attended to provide their ideas on how to enhance the visitor experience at these lakes.

The workshop enabled participants to identify those elements which work well, those that don't and to identify additional opportunities for recreational activities.

Attendees learnt more about the existence of the weed called Cabomba which is present in Ewen Maddoc k Dam and the level of risk this poses to other lakes.

We thank all attendees for their time and involvement in this workshop and for contributing to a great morning.

Dont forget to complete the on-line survey for this group of lakes. The on-line survey will close on 13th November.

Groups 1, 2 and 3 - Update

Public consultation for these three (3) groups has closed. Seqwater is now collating the feedback received from the various public consultation channels.

Consultation for Lakes Atkinson, Somerset and Wivenhoe was completed in August 2013 with over 530 surveys completed for this group of lakes. Seqwater has been reviewing the feedback however, as a result of some issues that have required some further investigation and approval, it is anticipated that the final management plan will now be released during November.

Group 2, consisting of Lakes Kurwongbah and Samsonvale, attracted overwhelming attention with many group s interested in paddlecraft, motorised boating and extending existing trails around Lake Samonsvale.

The latest group to complete public consultation is Group 3 - Lakes Maroon, Moogerah and Wyaralong. This feedback is currently being collated for Seqwater's consideration.

We thank all participants for providing us valuable insights into the use of these lakes and their recreation areas.



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