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New PB + Deep Jigging


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Arrived out at NPD to a nice overcast dam, just the way I like it. I knew right away it was going to be a great day. Arrived at the spot halfway down the dam and was into the bass likity split. They were relentless attacking my shrimp like they were the last ones in the dam. Reached over 60 bass before moving down the dam and when I passed over a few fish sitting in deep water I quickly turned around and set up camp right over the top of them.

There was fish down 20ft which I targeted with shrimp and some down deeper I stirred up with ice jigs. I would catch a few on shrimp at 20ft then stop using shrimp while I caught a few more on ice jigs right down deep. Managed a new personal PB of 124 bass up by 6 from my old PB. Also one forkie,one tandan and one turtle.

In the second pic the bass has a deformed lip and in the last pic I have a deformed thumb from handling all those bass.










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