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Torres Strait Fishing- Videos


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Torres Strait Fishing- Videos

Sorry will try to stop posting videos after this…. but Thought I would share a couple more videos from our time in the Torres Strait.

Boigu Barra- Lived/worked on Boigu Island (so close to PNG you could make out the villages) for 2 years. Great barra, salmon, black jew and grunter fishing. Awesome culture and community.


Lived/worked on T.I. for 2 years with endless fishing options despite the trade winds that blow from March-Nov. Here are a couple of our adventures. Love the straits and plan to head back one day.

Shelf Trip- Weather came good as we were packing to move back south so did what anyone would do… left the misses to pack everything and took off to the shelf (bloody long way). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJNJZIlyvaE

Jardine Barra Session- Day trip from T.I. to Jardine River.

Jackson River- Annual fishing trip the blokes would make down the West coast of Cape and camp at Jackson River for a week or so (usually Sept School Hols). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzpyIyazvUk

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