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Flathead Dash for cash... Video added


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Hi all, Had a ball today fishing the dash for cash today on the Goldy.

There was a 30 strong field competing today in trying conditions again due to the wind.

Our morning started with 7 or 8 rat flatties in the first hour, then things slowed off a lot apart from a few bream a whiting, and 2 small barracuda.

It wasn't until the last 2 hours that things turned around for us.

We pulled up on a likely looking flat that was draining off into deeper water and my team mate Liam was rewarded with a great 79.5cm flatty on the second cast.



It was a bit of a team effort getting this big girl in the boat as he was using 5lb leader and the fish was using the fast flowing water to its advantage and running all over the flats. So I was on the leccy chasing it round while getting ready to net it too.

After a few pics she slid back into the water and disappeared into the weeds.

We ended up pulling a few more smaller fish from the same area. I lost another good fish in the last 20 mins due to the leader being rubbed through.

Then it was back to HQ for a feed and presentations. We had a quick look at the running scores and we were sitting in first place for some time, but by the time all the scores had come in we'd been bumped back to 5th. There was only a 50 point difference between Team Good Vibes (us) and first place. If only that last fish didn't pop the leader :unsure:

Still it was another well organised event with a bit of cash up for grabs.

Looking forward to the next one.


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Hey mate,

It was me in the 420 Renegade that your fish tried to swim under while you were fighting it. It was great to see it swimming around in the shallows on the end of the line. We had a pretty slow day too but got 13 smaller fish in the last 2 hours after thinking we were headed for a donut. Ended up 13th, my first comp so we was just happy not to come last. Especially after not getting our first fish till nearly midday. It was fun and I definitely want to do it again.



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