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advise needed for Trailer Repairs


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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can recommend a reliable/pocket friendly place near the city for boat trailer repairs? want to cut out some rusted parts (see circle parts in image) and re-wield back in place... I've done a search on the forum and didn't find much info about this..

Thanks in advance!



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hey mate,

most trailer repair places will basically hit you up for a new trailer chassis if the rust is bad enough. You may only be seeing half the problem as well. it would not be a particularly cheap exercise but if all the bolt ons (rollers, holders, springs, axle etc) are re-useable it would not be too bad. If the rust is bad enough, this would be the best option as you will only be doing it all over again in 2-3yrs as once the rust is there is is near impossible to get rid of.

If you were to cut bits out and re-weld in place, you are losing the strength in your cross-members (no matter how good you are at welding), not to mention it would all have to be sandblasted and hot-dipped to remove any existing rust and prevent it coming back.

I did a full rebuild of my trailer chassis approx 12 months ago - replaced the lot and re-designed it with a couple of extra cross-members for extra strength and support on the boat for longer trips up the highway. This was not a cheap exercise as I replaced all the wobble roller holders and all of the centre rollers as well. Basically only things bought forward were the undercarriage (springs, axle etc), the rollers themselves and the winch post.

If you do need a quality trailer built, have a chat to FMS trailers - not the cheapest in town but guarantee it will last the distance.



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