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Super quick one and mainly for the novelty factor.

Sweresy & I went Jack hunting Saturday morning and it was tough work to say the least.

We were hitting up the GC canals with the sun up before 5am, no clouds, wind, low tide at 7:30 and searing heat by 8am…

Had a slow start and no target species but a couple of Moses had us in the same family. :dry:

I was hopping a plastic out the back whilst the skipper was rolling hard-bodies along rock walls when I came up with a good hook-up.

All the tell-tale signs of an estuary GT were there after a couple of peeling runs with circles under the boat and the all-too familiar (for me… :( ) tail thuds had me resigned to the fact that I'll just have to accept another bloody GT instead of a Jack.

What lifted my spirits was that it was a very cool model of Trev and not sure if it was a GT??? Cool colours on it. A couple of snaps and back in the drink.


We kept working the same pattern with similar results - A couple of Moses, a couple of barely legal Cod, a nice GT that gave a real good account of itself and with the sun getting really uncomfortable, we were ready to call it when the skipper nails a target. If he wasn't my best mate, I swear I'd punch him in the peanuts….


Once Mr. Jack had his portrait done, it was home time and we were all done and dusted before 10am.

Great morning out as always and a couple of cool fish on the light gear to boot.

Thanks for reading. ;)

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