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Dino goes Salty


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Been awhile since I headed to the salt but after an invite from the oldest son Rion myself, my wife Denise, her sister Karen and my middle son Troy all headed for horizon shores and boarded the Hellcat,


As we boarded we noticed a heap of bream beside the boat so we gave them a few crumbs


We then headed off down to a spot between russel and straddie.


This is the galley and the door at rear is master bedroom, there is 5 steps up on the left to the main control area and dining room


this is the upper deck and control panel



this is watching the game from the lounge sun morning


this is the main control area


this is my 2 sons waiting for the rubber ducky to drain before putting it back on the boat with the aid of a crane


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As soon as we pulled up to our first spot it was all hands on deck to get the crab pots out of storage and set up. Rubber ducky was deployed and crab pots put out for the night. Then the fun started with the fishing. I was up to fish number 14 before either of my sons caught a fish only prob was none were legal, we were sitting on a nursery. We eventually got a couple of legal bream along with heaps of small whiting, small flatties, sting rays, a shovel nose and a hammerhead.


Rion with a bream



Pulled the traps in the morning for a heap of jennies and no bucks so back in they went.We then moved up to jumpin pin and found it very hard to even get a bite.Troy managed a nice flattie


We then moved back to spot one as the swell was to much for me.when we got back the pots were pulled again and there was enough for a good feed.Soon after arriving I caught this little fish which I first thought was a jack but the teeth were missing, it had a saddle mark on its tail wrist


Fishing was very slow so we made up for it with a nice dinner.Entree was crab for the crab eaters followed by export fillet done mignon style with proscuito instead of bacon, covered in mushrooms and onions served with side salads.

In the morning we awoke to this


A few more fish were caught and some were even legal,this is Karen with her first ever fish a legal bream


couple more



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Those that have been aboard The Force with me will recognise the similarities with the Hellcat. Remarkable really :silly: :blush:

Looks like a nice galley, so the women don't get bored :ohmy: :lol:

It's a pity you get seasick, Dino. I imagine you could have some great sessions with that beautiful boat as well as watching the footy and then not have to trailer up and tow it home at the end of the day. B)

Beaut shot of the hammer, but not too sure if that is a small jew or not. Perhaps Steve could confirm the ID :whistle:

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