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Maroon Bluefin Comp everyone a winner!!!


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What a great event it was with a very strong AFO contingent attending.

I arrived early on Thursday afternoon and picked out a nice level site.


And then sat down and had a quiet coffee and watched a short sharp storm that proved that y tent was indeed wind and waterproof.

This caused a problem with the access track being made very slippery and even the fourbies getting stuck.

It was good to see that others were also having problems with erecting their tents.



Good views from the site with this area that was the only spot with telstra mobile access.No other network had access.


I just spent Friday relaxing and supervising others erecting their tents. :blush: and frequently ensuring that the contents of my esky were remaining cold. :cheer:










My first fish of the comp.


Not much freeboard in the chop.


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Had a few storm go through but nothing serious.





The tucker from the caterers was first class and very reasonably priced.


Jacob Stevens cleaned up in the junior category winning 2 major prizes with his brother Declan very generously offering to assist in carrying them. :S


Senior prize winners.

Thanks to Steve from Sports Tuition for organizing and all the sponsors who generously donated their time and prizes.

It was a learning curve for Steve and he has identified a few minor issues that will be rectified but in the main the whole event was well organized and went very smoothly and the new amenities blocks and other infrastructure due before xmas will make a big difference.

I really hope that it will become an annual event

375 competitors and 450 campers attended and if it happens next year there will be a lot more.



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Good report Ray,

I took my 3 sons and they had a ball. Met some more members and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. The weather gods took pity on us and the rain came down as every one left for home.

Besides a blown tyre 20 minutes from home all went well. :pinch:

I approached this comp as a fun comp for the kids. We did a 4 hr stint Saturday morning catching about 50 Bass and some spangled perch on shrimp. The kids were having a ball but we headed back to camp for a 1.5hr shut eye before lunch. kids are not use to the early mornings.

We cooked up some snags in bread and the kids joined some other children playing cricket. Around 2.30pm we headed out again to catch another 20 odd bass the largest going 37.5cm.

Saturday night we used the CJ's catering service and the food was quite nice.

The rain held off again with flashes of lighting and thunder threatening. The guest speakers soldiered on with informative talks and tips.

In low light and gusty wind the kids casting comp was under way and my son James was over the moon to came runner up and won a rod and reel. The next morning that was all he wanted to catch fish on. He loves the rod and I'll find the pictures and post a little later.

The next morning saw us boat more bass and spangles but no upgrades. I suspect we lost a good yellow belly to a snag. While fishing for the bass we placed a shrimp on the bottom and with no action for 1hr and then the bottom bait rod buckled over and strait into the nearest snag. We managed to get it free once but then it buried us again and off it went.

It was great to see a little tacker take out bluefin cat fish package.

And considering the amount of females in the comp they did very well to take out the senior boat package and the early bird canoe package.

I can not recall the champion anglers name but a great effort catching all but the Mary river cod and they were all good fish.

We will back next year for sure.

Steve/ Mick and staff did a great job for their first comp.

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