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Tangalooma and Yamba


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Hey all,

Went out for a fish last Monday with a mate and we hit the 4 Beacons... Anchored up and all we caught were small squire and some other rubbish...

We did hook up onto a nice Shovel Nose but lost it at the side of the boat trying to tail it so no photo!!! Was a nice sized one but and had plenty of good runs....

Anyways, after that, not much happened so we decided to drive up to Tangalooma for some lunch. On our way in, we were greeted to bust up EVERY WHERE!!! We cast some small metals in there and hooked up instantly!!! They were school of large Dart!!! Put up a good fight and was fun on the light gear!!! In amongst the Dart, we say some other fish but couldn't make out what they were... We did notice that these other fish were following the plastics right up to the boat and they were kingys!!! :ohmy:

At one stage a 1 mtre plus followed mine right up to the boat and was kinda glad I didn't hook it as I was using my 2-4 bream gear on a 2500 Stradic...

Eventually I hook one of the kingsy and boy did it take some line!!! Not huge but so much fun on the light gear!!!


After this fish (which was released), all we caught were Dart after Dart!!! (not worth taking pics of)

Tagging on from the above, I went down to Yamba for a few days to chase some flatties...

Here's the catch!!! and the brother in law caught a nice 84cm croc!!!




The missus also caught her FIRST legal flatty on a plastic!!! Flatty went 50cm and was super stoked for her!!!


Anyways, thanks for reading!!! :)

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Awesome mate.

I am heading down there next weekend and I am hoping for some flatties!


Thanks Angus!!!

So nice down in Yamba and you just come back to reality super relaxed!!!

We didn't do too well fishing the middle wall and got most fish in the shallows near weed beds!!!

Good luck down there!!!

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