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carpet floor question


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Hi guys I am replacing the carpet floor for my boat and now have a dilemma about cut out of the carpet.

Should I fold the carpet to underneath of the timber floor or just cut the carpet to the edge of the timber floor?

The marine carpet is thick and tough to fold but does look better if fold and adhered properly.

But today someone told me I just need to trim the carpet to the shape of timber floor and leave the side open.

The marine plywood has been painted.

What I should do? Anyone did it before and can give me some ideas?

Thank you

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These days I'd seriously question recarpeting over rubberised "paint". The life expectancy and wear is superior not the mention the lack of moisture retention (or other foriegn bodies) and you can apply it and as thick where as you want. You won't get dropped hooks caught in it and its by far easier to clean and keep clean.

Cheers n tight lines

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