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Mixed Bag EMD


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I wasnt going to put up a post from yesterdays session but I thought darn it there is to many people doing this lately. Where are all the so called fisherpeople with there reports, surely all the fish have not disappeared,There is more posts going up from the freshwater people than the sal;twater people lately, come on you saltwater guys lift your game, I enjoy reading your posts.

Anyway headed up to Ewen Maddock dam for a morning session yesterday wiyh mates Glen and Luke, shot off up the dam and as there was no action I decided to take a short cut across the dam and out in the middle found a school of bass, its the biggest school I have ever seen at EMD. got my first jigging a jackal tn50, then soon after had one half way up on an ice jig, however they were a bit reluctant to cooperate, still half asleep.

Plugged on further up the dam and the 3 of us managed to get our tally up to half a dozen each fishing and trolling the edges, then we returned to where the school was and by this time they had woken up, we trolled through the school time and time again getting several good hookups. On one run I managed a nice golden yella and just before I called it quits I hooked into a whopper bass just sitting above a log on the bottom and yes you guessed it thats where it went back to and with my lure as well.








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Dino you are so correct about the posts. Maybe the site should should amalgamate with Sweetwater .

Their pms also work :dry: .



Works both ways, the Mods here are much better, most likely get the serial tosser on there tossed as well! :whistle:

Nice looking Yella Dino.

Considering we only ever put 5000 of them in the dam, the return rate is huge

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