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back to the old ways


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hi all, as the year draws to end it had been playing the back of my mind that i hadn't landed a single thready this year (a fish that in times past i used to go out and chase on a regular basis). so with nothing but time up my sleeve now im on holidays i decided to go back to my old tried and true techniques hit up one of my favorite riverspots. the method was simple go to he pooshoot with a cast net and pick the absolute biggest herring you can get your hands on, when pinned right the big ones really vibrate and carry on and threadies just cant go past them. after that its a matter of sitting back with a few beers and waiting. as the night wore on and having had three runs for no proper hookups (two of which i reckon were jewies) i thought i might have missed the boat. but hung in there anyway with the tide well and truly turned i was about to go when my real started screaming. after a pretty good fight for his size up came this.


not a massive thready by anyones standards but at just over a metre it was good to see the old spots and relaxed style of fishing still produces results on the river after all this time. oh and with a few massive sandies and a rusty buck thrown in its a pretty good way to kick back on the holidays.


thanks for reading cheers sef.

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Great catch and an even tastier by-catch (or did u drop a pot/) either way... great stuff

Have an awesome Christmas break

definatley not a by catch lol dropped 4 pots checked/moved twice and rebaited once. so not a great result for the effort but if you havnt been there for a while you always have to search for productive gorunds

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