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Point Lookout


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Headed out to Point Lookout today with Tim D. Hit the 33s at first light to score a 40 and 62 Snapper. Headed to Waverider and got 3 Dollies before they got shy. Something was exciting them a deal, as we saw them busting up everywhere, big and small, easily 20 or 30. Very quiet day, but good day out all the same.

80meter mark had the clean water and the temp was around 23/24C.

The boat ramp was also very dead, lots with hangovers! Take note for next year!



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Hey there guys, @ crazy.... brain spike them 1st before you bleed them, but u really don't need to bleed a Dollie as they don't taint unless u get blood into the flesh when filleting/cleaning. Most important thing I've found (having fished them here & the US) is to get them on ice ASAP. So towel/rag over the eyes to calm them down, brain spike and then ice.

Happy holidays and tight lines all.

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