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Couple of over 50cm bass.


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Back up to lake macdonald this morning, this time in the yak and not a shrimp in sight. Started off a bit slow and I thought I was going to have a shocker. Past the bubbler pipe for nothing then turned around and had another run past and picked up a 40+ bass, then nothing till I got a fair way up the dam. I found a fair size area where the weed was scarce and done a bit of trolling, picked up a nice 51.5cm in 10ft of water plus a few more reasonable bass.

Tried a bit of casting for awhile to the edges and got nothing, so back out in the middle of the dam and back amongst them again. Moved to one of the backwaters and trolled up and down the middle of it in about 12ft of water and picked up a few more with a just on 50cm and a couple in the late 40cm bracket. Flikashads were the stand out lure once again. Finished up with over 20 and off the water before 9.30am










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