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opportunity to upgrade outboard (only 8 hours to decide)

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I see online that their is a Hidea 40HP outboard Brand new up for auction from one of the auction companies.

I am well aware that this is the Brand of Chinese outboards that are now re-branded Maxus for whom which are made at the Parsun Factory.

I've done plenty of reading up on the Parsun outboards and other than brand bashing I haven't found an negative aspect.

Currently I have a 30hp Suz 2003 Model that is a bit under-powered for my boat.

Technically I could upgrade, sell of my old motor and possibly still be in the green.

Any quick thoughts before I either commit or miss out.

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More research makes them look like they are imported and re-branded to Maxus Outboards

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Yes boat will easily take the larger motor. it's a Old Clark abalon. I've seen them with 70's on the back lol.

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More have been listed although the 40 dosn't have the same spec's as the one i purchase


I will keep it update. For one thing there is a lack of information in relation to usage on these motors. Everyone says their great but I've honest to god struggled to Google up an issue.

I guess it dosn't matter if you paid $1500 or $8000 for something gold plated the risks of buying a lemon are always there regardless.

Details on what I nabbed are here:

Hidea 40HP 2 Stroke Outboard Boat Motor

Model: HD40F FE L-T Electric Start - Forward Control Model Long Shaft Power Trim


Full Throttle Operating Range(rpm) 4500-5500

Stroke 2 Cylinder 2 Displacement (cc) 703

Bore x Stroke(mm) 80 x 70

Length x Width x Height long shaft (mm) 1073 x 402x 1491

Weight (kg) L:73.6

Gear Shift Position F-N-R

lgnition System - CDl

Cooling System - Water-cooling

Starting System - Electric Starter

Control System- Front control

Lubrcation System - Gasoline & Machine Oil Regular Gasoline - 50:1

Capacity of Fuel Tank(L) - 24 (SN:HD40F FE L-T) (72414-1)

Same machine rebranded as Maxus retails for $4200

I will update with some box opening and installation picks as it happens. Will arrange to collect tomorrow.

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I can give a bit of useful information on the Maxus outboards. They are definitely NOT Parsun outboard motors. My company is the Australian distributor for Parsun. Before we took on the Parsun outboards we tested all other brands made in China to find the best. We did testing on Maxus (Hidea) These Maxus outboards have been sold in Australia by at least 8 other companies with not a lot of success. The original brand name is Hidea. When we tested these motors they were pluaged with problems. We found that they were using a lot of generator components in a marine application which just doesn’t work well. The companies bringing these into Australia keep changing the brand name to stay away from the bad rep. For example the company calling them Maxus this is the 3rd name change they have had with this brand since selling them here. Even the factory in china just this year has changed their name from hidea to seanovo.

By the looks of these Auctions it seems the company bringing in these motors are doing a fire sale so they may be pulling the pin. It doesn’t make sense to sell these under cost price unless they are closing down or need money.

I hope this helps readers of this forum with a little insight to these brands.

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Just couldn't wait till I got home before I opened her.

Here's the first lot of pic's

Boxed Pretty well. Doesn't look like it's new old stock as the stick tape looks newish (Don't ask how i can tell)

Guess I know where it came from

Free cable steering system :woohoo: Already got that in the boat.

Everything looks to be here. Quality wise looks good too, and feels good. Water intakes look a bit small though

Only issue looks like the tilt and trim system doesn't like been laid on it's side as the hydraulic oil has seeped. I'm not that considered as i already have an aftermarket CMC tilt and trim system that It will be mounted too.

Although I can't find where it's seeping whilst it's in it's box.

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I have my engagement party this weekend so i'd be luck to mount it

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Looks like a great buy. Good one.

So are the maxius parts interchangeable with this one? I am guessing parts may be your only drama with the new motor.

Maxius are the same thing. Yamaha parts are also interchangeable, so if worse comes to worst, I can get OEM.

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Well An Update is in Order

Everything is so far so good. Up to 15 Hours use.

Used Constantly over the Easter long weekend at somerset

Had a couple of trips out to the Pine and Scarb Reef

Only issue to report is the Fuse keeps blowing out, can't quite figure why. I think the Connections from the Motor to the Battery get wet or the Tilt and Trim system overloads the Fuse. Not to concerned, fuses are cheap and it can still be pull started.

I've put the old one up for sale. I would like to think someone is going to get a bargain


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