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Well what a great day we had. Enjoyed meeting new faces ( just hope i can remember you all) Did you see feral sink the boat funniest thing i have seen for years. I nearly had an asthma attack trying not to laugh at the expression on his face as the rear corner of the boat sunk and it began to fill. Lucky it was only in 12 inches of water. And the battery in my camera was flat what a photo it would have made in bush and beach.

Moral of the story is 130ah deep cycle battery, electric motor ,esky,and feral are all to heavy for stern of 8ft tinny.

Solved problem by moving battery and feral to bow of boat. Its now actually faster than my boat with a 55 and 65 motors so he will be able to beat me to the pick of the spots when the north pine opens up again.

We only boated 2bass between us 36cm for erin and 39 for alex. We packed it in a bit early as it started to get a bit choppy and ferals tinny hasnt much freeboard at the bow.

Thanks guys for a wonderful day and hope for many more with you


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Yeah, I reckon I got \"captain catastrophed\" again!

Set the scene,

Never used this boat before (remember its a repaired recycleland special out of the back of Rays shed!)

My question, we need to get some weight on the other side of the boat, will the esky do?

apparently yes.

Do we need to tie that battery down?

apparently no.

ok, in I get sitting left of the boat, the boat tips slightly my way, esky starts sliding my way, boat tips more, battery starts slipping my way, boat tilts more, battery and esky accelerate to my side of the boat, over she goes, 2 inches of water starts flowing over the side, I leap out, pull boat back upright, boat now half full of water, kids rolling around on boat ramp killing themselves laughing, I am soaked from the waist down - Ray at least had the decency not to laugh out loud!

SO battery in front, esky in front both tied down, me in middle, and a trial run, sweet as pie, not rock solid, but stable enough. Put daughter in, got her to move about (as kids do), boat performed ok.

However did think it prudent to keep the life jacket on, and I reckon I will make up a home made copy of the Aqualisers Ray has on his boat (the gray stabilisers for those of you who saw the boat today) before putting it into regular use. (something made out of 4\" storm water pipe I reckon)

She went well though, very nippy, easily had more speed than Rays 10 footer with 2 motors (65lb bow mount and and 55lb rear mount thrust against a single 45 on mine!) The single 100A/Hr deep cycle battery was still going strong at the end of the day, and it had had a fair workout, I worked a lot of snags and weed along the edges, hardly stopped all day.

Only real complaint was that even at the lowest speed on the motor, (it was only a 3 speed control) the boat was going to fast for trolling!

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