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Hinze Dam (Advancetown Lake) 20-08-06


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What a great sunrise.

James, Troy and myself arrived at the boat ramp at Hinze Dam at about 5:30 as the sky was just beginning to lighten. We were not scheduled to board our canoes until ten, but i forgot to tell the fishing bug. :P So there we were all geared up to throw some lures around until the others showed up. Got some local advice on fishing locations from a champ called Mick who was launching his boat about there to try during the day as well....thanks mate!

The first lure i tried was a little laser-pro i had just bought from K-Mart. Flicked it out and BANG would you beleive it, Bass first cast of the day first time i have ever used this lure! Needles to say i was absolutely stoked!

Not long after this Brian, Dan and my mate Buck turned up and we moved over to have a flick at another bank. Nothing. Oh well i was still a happy man and plan on getting some more laser pros! (my one from today is retired to thr bottom of the dam :( )

At about 9:30 Feral and Ray also rocked up with Ferals kids in tow. Then Steve arrived with our canoes. I was very happy to see electric motors! Yay. So off we went in search of Hinze dam Bass and maybe the chance at some Yellas. Not long into the session and the fish were being brought in on a regular basis. Some of these fish were great specimens in excess of 40cm. Unfortuantly there were also a fair few banded grunter about. However these were easily tolerated with the good number of Bass.

After a while most of the boaters and Canoers drifted away from each other so i cant account for what everyone caught sorry. (Thanks for doing a seperate report Ray or i might not have known about Andrew going in the drink :) ) However i can give the basic run down of the captures for the immediate group i was fishing with (Buck, James, Troy and Me)

Angus: 7 Bass for the day.

Buck: 1 Bass for the day. (First bass ever).

James: 6 Bass and 1 Banded Grunter for the day.

Troy: 5 Bass for the day. (First Bass ever).


Brian let me know your and Dans and your final score!

While on the lake I also witnessed at least another 15 odd bass and an Eel Tailed Catfish caught.

All in all an impressive day and a great introduction to Hinze.

I want to thank specifically Steve Wilkes for guiding us about the lake and showing us some top spots. I would certainly reccomend him if anyone plans hitting up Hinze. I will going again soon!

This is the bass i caught first cast.

Good fishing all.

Angus [img size=336]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/gus44k.JPG [img size=336]

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Here's my 2 bobs worth.

Yeah what a great day - bloody great country we live in.

Thank you to Ray for putting us onto Steve.

Thanks to Steve for putting us onto the fish.

Thanks to Jimmy, Troy, Angus, Buck, Andrew, Ray and Dan for being there.

Dan and I stopped counting fish but I think we got about 15 all up, 13 bass and 2 grunters.

I have posted some photo's which I hope you enjoy. I also have held back about 40 other pics for later reference.

Andrew: I have about 4 good pics of your family if you want em send me an email and I'll attach them for you. [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/bd.JPG

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yeh i loved it! i would so do it again... just this time i will have my kayak and sounder on board! :P... good to see another very successful brc trip... good to see a lot of people turn up...


p.s. i cant wait till awoonga either.. i have td viento for sale in the classifieds that would be perfect for awoonga barra! *hint hint*

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blue_mako wrote:

i would so do it again... just this time i will have my kayak and sounder on board!

Ray and I were running sounders, asnd seeing fish. But what I am noticing with Bass in Winter, is that finding fish on the sounder does not mean you catch them. Often they are shut down. That was the case at Hinze, the fish Erin (my daughter caught) we had pulled up over fish on the sounder, dropped right into them, but no bites. We had not seen a fish on the sounder for about 10mins and was about to move when she caught hers.

Lately I have tended to more use the sounder for making sure I am fishing in the right depth, particulary if drifting. The fish we tend to catch are usually when we dont see fish on the sounder! just in that magic 25 to 30 foot depth.

And of course being a recent convert to plastics, Sounders are not much use when working snags and weed beds along the shore line.!

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Hi guys,

What a great day that was! Regular catches from everybody. Brian and I seemed to have most success when were right on the 11ft mark.

I have finally had my BRC 'v-plates' taken! Thanks to everybody for the great day, everybody had lots of laughs, and more importantly, lots of fish.


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