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Keeping plecos in a pond

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If there's anyone on here that has plecos i'm after some advice...I live in south bris and have a backyard pond approx 2.8m diameter with depth of 40-50cm most the time and I want to get a couple of plecos to clean up algae etc plus they look awesome..Now my pond isn't heated and wondering if they will survive in winter? Pond gets a fair bit of sun but I do have a lot of trees and worried might be too cold in winter..I read up they are pretty hardy with water quality etc but not sure if same with temperature..My local aquarium says they wont survive but another place rkns they shud be ok if water isn't over 50cm or so and he knows ppl that have had them in ponds for years with no problems...I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience good and bad with keeping them without heat? I am considering getting a heater if i go down this road..thanks

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