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sunday session at oxley creek


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Sunday arvo, headed down to oxley creek for a fish with chaz robbie and cameron. started to fish with bread and some liver picked up from the local butcher... got nothing. We fished with that for about an hour after we realised we hadnt got one hit. I changed over to soft plastics using the worst paddletails i had, which i got free with my new tackle box. Had a few cast then it comes back in half with a fat toadie hanging off. I then changed to hard bodies for a bit of fun. I put on an old trolling lure that had a big chunk taken out of it from hitting cement(cause from chaz casting it onto cement to piss me off). First cast was good going out past the mouth. I reeled it in with a fast retrieve and BANG! got a massive hit ... i was on .... i started to reel........ and ...............the line snapped. I then realised that i could actually catch somethign with lures in oxley creek. I threw out my favourite lucky trolling lure on a wire trace..... first cast ..... the line wrapped around the rod tip as i casted and there goes my favourite lure flying into the mud banks(it was still low tide)..... i was so desperate to get it back i jumped into the mud... the dirty poo scented mud was up just past my knees ...... i crawled around the mud for about ten minutes before i gave up..............

Robbie then felt sorry for me and let me use one of his Flatz rat lures which he had a lot of luck with up at noosa. After a few casts in different places ... i finally got a hit... i reeled in .... he was definatley on..... i pulled up to the jetty to reveal a 50cm FLATTIE!!!..... i was soo happy... i pulled him up out of the water... and BANG he shakes his head... theres goes the catch of the day.... we hadnt much luck after that as we lost most of out lures and wire traces to snags.

after this i went out and bought 5 flatz rat's hoping for some more luck next weeekend.

ill post up the pics of the lures i used..


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Nice work.

Dave has caught Threadfin Salmon threre before in his cast net. So whatever whacked you first could have been one. There are also other surface fish like Giant Herring around.

I cant beleive you didnt get a catty on the liver that is seriosuly amazing hahaha.

CAn you cast a net?

There are lots of prawns there and they make great bait.

Nice work on the flatty!! I know they go up that far and much much further but i never caught one up there myself.


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yehh i cant cast net myself but all of my mates can ..haha..............

the groundskeeper of the terrace playing fields claims he landed a 70cm flattie off the rowing pontoons there

there was probably 100 catties nibbling on the liver...... i most likely didnt get any hook ups because it was so stringy and didnt stay on the hook

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Mate, im the Poo Creek master. In winter it dies off heaps but come summer its golden. Possible lure takers Tailor, small bull shark, salmon, jew, big catfish or pike eel the list is enless. we have caught many odd things there and we have had some solid runs there aswell. We might see you guys there over summer. ALso ditch the liver its crap for there. the only good baits are prawns, livies and pillies and eel. buy a cast net cause theres billions of mullet there. Plus i highly doubt the catties were taking the liver, it was probs small bream and herring or pike. with catties they scoff it in and run like mad. Also that mud is deadly so dont stroll though it. ill post a pic of the time i got stuck in it.

heres some pics from oxley. ive got plenty more but it would take ages to load them all




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Hey Howie you have the net so we wont lose the flatty now...but now buy a cast net so we dont have to scab some liver of the butcher again...lol...i love the picture of you stuck in the mud dave...very classy...we went up to the kyak club to wash off and were lucky not to get caught...

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