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Brian D

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Now that the season has started to change I would like to have a go at some River Flatties and Bull Sharks so my next outing will be targeting these species but I don't know where to go.

I saw a spot just a little east of the gateway bridge near the red marker where there is a sand bank and drop off to about 10mtres. I thought that I could hedge my bets and go for the flatties on the bank and out the other side get a bait into the 10 mt chanel for a shark.

Anyone know where I mean?

When are you guys doing the next Bretts Wharf for sharks - I thought I might do same night. I could drop some baits off for you and do a rotation in the boat if you wanted.

I also thought we could test out some trolling lures from Bretts to the bank and back.

What do you reackon?

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Awesome Brian.

I would be very keen to come if thats cool.

Available most nights.

As i mentioned in another post i know for a fact there are bullies moving into the river and would love a shot at them.

Also i have heard from sources on this site namely troy and ando that there have been quite a few flatties around that area plus plenty of tailor.


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Brian D wrote:

Thanks Ando - that's not far from where I was thinking.

It looks like Saturday Arvo till late this week end. Same thought Flatties and Sharks - should be fairly relaxing. If anyone is around let me know and I'll potter over to your location.

Are any prawns running after the full moon yet?<br><br>Post edited by: Brian D, at: 2006/09/07 16:20

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