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Quick Cod Trip


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My brother arrived with his family this week and after some talking he said he wouldn't mind going for a cod fish. Quickly threw a couple of swags in and headed on to New England area. Found a spot where the river crossed a road and tried there for a few hours before dark. The water was low and the weed a real pain but never the less we found a couple of small holes with enough depth to hide a cod or two.

Darrin was first to have a surface hit and lost the lure and the fish. He was spewing losing his first ever surface cod. Then I picked one up on a Gobbler 4" paddle tail. The night crept up very quickly so we devised a new plan. We headed off to another spot found on google maps and as s we crossed the river again we parked up and chucked out the swags ready for an early morning.

As soon as light broke we were up and before the swags were packed up Darrin cast from the shore and caught a small cod off the surface. Quickly we got on the water and fished for another 5 hours and between us we caught 13 cod and lost a few. Great session and we had a ball. Caught them on Gobblers SP, Spinner Baits, hard bodies and surface walkers just it mix it up a bit.

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