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Tiddlers NPD 11/3/17


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We went to NPD this morning .

We only found the fish in 2 spots. The first spot we found them as in only 4 to 6 feet of water on the point opposite the end of Koala straight where we picked up a tandan 4 spangled and 16 bass in the first 3/4 of an hour before running out of bait so we did the shrimp traps and headed downstream where we found a school of tiddlers.

Mark picked up a large yella that did not survive so it will be on the dinner table tonight.

Final score was 84 bass of which only 3 were over 30cm. My best bass of the day was only 26cm.

The water level is still dropping and unless we get a decent rain event we only have about a month till we will have to be off the water.






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