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We went to hinze eastern arm yesterday and there was plenty of cracking followed by splashing as the dead timber continues to shed branches. He had one about 5 ft long and 8 inches thick some down so close to the boat that I got splashed. Even though I was wearing a hard hat I think that I would have been injured if it had dropped on me.

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You do not even have to bump a tree for this to happen and there was no wave action to shake them down.

The fishing was tough as I made the wrong decision. I thought that after a bit of rain and a small rise in the dam that the fish would have been upstream .

After 3 hours and only 3 fish we then went downstream and found a few fish. They were easily spooked and and after catching a few fish in each spot they would move on.

We knocked off around 11 am as I could a few dark clouds emerging over the hills. At Hinze you are mostly surrounded by hills and have no warning of storms approaching so I always skedaddle if there is any chance of a storm.

We finished up with only 15 bass .



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