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Ceto Tackle Paddletail Review

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I just got a new soft plastic the ceto tackle pink paddletail Iv been using this plastic for the last 2 weeks and is now my new favourite plastic it's  4.5 inches  and  I  love the action on it and it has a very distinct and affective roll to it. I also love the bright pink colour it has and they are very durable I didn't have to switch plastics until I had rubbed and smashed it on lots of rocks oysters and coral as well as being hit bit fish I also had numerous species suck as barracuda  and queen fish chase and swipe it when burning it across reef edges and this lure being glow in the dark makes it perfect for night fishing I  have found the most affective way to work this plastic is sharp hops off the bottom around structure and weed edges or just a slow role as the amazing vibration that the tail gives off is enough to turn on any fish it also managed to raise a nice chinaman going about 70cm wich was a surprise and unexpected catch wich just goes to show the variety of species that  will go for this lure. This lure is incredible over sand flats and around rocks and will temp a whole range of different species.  The. Ceto  tackle paddletail only goes for about $6 a pack wich makes them a lot more affordable than other plastics. 

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