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Well Hello There


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Hello all. Names Damo. 39yrs old

Been fishing my whole life from Moreton bay to the far north. I prefer off shore but don't say no to a good jack attack or chasing snaps in the bay. Very computer illiterate so bare with me. Found a few forums and joined up. 

Currently in the process of finishing my new plate boat. Its off to paint this week then the fun begins with fit out. Once it's up and running I'll be back doing what I love, enjoying the water with my family with a heavy focus on fishing and exploring with the kids. They're to young for offshore so may have a spot spare at times. 


I drive Toyota. 

I drink rum and single malt scotch.

I ride KTM.

I fly RC planes.

I love fishing. 


Junky is my usernam because with everything I do I turn into a Junky that can't get enough. I know junkie is the drug'o   it I can't spell very well so I use a y. My 6 year old daughter will proof read before I hit post.  


If I've forgotten anything then I'll catch up.




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Thanks alot for the welcome everyone.

Yeah the boats a pearler. 

My bro inlaw builds them. I can't weld for poo, although that's what it looks like when I try. 

I can finish and fit though so it's going to be fun when I get it back from paint, oh and windows will be fitted before I hook in. 



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