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2nd Kayak Session - Noosa River (getting Bigger)


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Had planned to get the wife and kids to drop me off up near the top of Lake Weyba Creek around lunchtime and get them to pick me up in the arvo after the boys sleep at the mouth of Lake Weyba, but it rained pretty heavily and was put in the too hard basket, so I decided to wheel the yak down to the river and fish around Goat Island again. Was a bit later leaving so when I saw all the weedbanks near the entrance to the channel that goes behind Goat Island, I decided to spend a bit of time flicking around here. I couldn't see where they were the other day so was good to get a better gauge of the lay of the land (or water as it were).

Scored a 54cm flattie within not too long on a ruby coloured Tango Shad lure (dark day/water = dark lure :)). Safely netted and dispatched into the cooler bag and spirits were high. Managed two more (one casting and one trolling - again thought the trolling one was a snag at first .....) but both were around 35cm so safely released. These two were very frisky bu99ers - was worried I'd lose my lure to their violent headshakes.

Gotta say I am thoroughly enjoying fishing out of the yak for a number of reasons. Fishing the shallow water is a pleasant change (I rarely if ever do it in my tinnie - need to get an electric ...) and in doing so you see a whole lot more fish life (reckon I probably spooked a fair few flathead today). And it was nice and quiet so very peaceful with the place to myself.

Got an invite to fish with

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 in his tinny tomorrow morning in Woods Bay so am pumped for that, meaning my last yak session for this holiday will be Saturday, just need to decide where and when to go.


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