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Phoebe Does It Again.


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I went toNPD this morning with Jason and Phoebe and once again Phoebe trounced us.

We did the shrimp traps and headed upstream to the bridge where it was pretty slow with only 2 legal bass and a couple of unders so we headed back to our favorite drop off where it was on for young and old. ( Mainly for the young )

Jason hardly had time to get his line in the water as he was busy baiting up and removing hooked fish for Phoebe.

A couple of times he had to grab her shirt to stop her being pulled over by some of the bigger fish.

She upped her pb bass.

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Plus a good yella that we remembered to take appropriate photo to enter into the FOTM.

If you study Jasons left hand in above photo you will see that she is also an accomplished nail artist.

My catch rate improved immensely after I was presented with my blue thermos cup.


Not the same as Phoebes blue rod but still pretty good.:angel:

Only 3 forkies so percy the pelican ended up hungry.

Knocked off a bit early as Phoebe was learning to unhook herown fish and she did not enjoy being spiked by one of the bass.

 Final score was 72 bass  3 of which had tags in them and one yella,

Tai was also supposed to come with us but Alicia ended up in hospital with food poisoning so I took delight in emailing him how we had a terrible day.

I am certain it made him feel better .:devil:







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What a nice thought for someone to present you with a personalized mug Ray. You obviously made them someone very happy memories. 

In saying that we all know you have made many people happy memories and it's a credit to your generosity offering up the spots all the time.:1310_thumbsup_tone1::1301_clap_tone2:

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